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Apr 12, 2001
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If you have just signed on to Sniper's Hide,

Welcome to our Community!

Please familiarize yourself with the rule of the forum. If you signed up to sell, I have some bad news for you. The site requires you have 100 posts in order to get full membership status. Since shedding the smell of Scout, we have reverted back to our original rules that require you to have 100 posts. Scout did not care, we do. The 100 post rule is there to protect our membership from potential scammers.

Our forum operates using big boy rules, hence we put some automatic checks and balances in place. The 100 post rule is one of them.

The internet is full of sites that do not have these requirements, so if you truly need to sell something, I recommend you go there. We are not a for sale site, we are a community that happens to have a classified section for contributing members. Contributing Members is the keyword. The 100 post rule means you have to contribute to the forum in order to list items for sale. We do not charge or profit from the classified, hence the rule. Posting is contributing.

If you contact the Admin because you cannot post we ill simply delete your request. We will not respond as this rule is quite clear. If you attempt to circumvent the rule by posting your Ad in a different location, your ad will be deleted and your account will be banned from the forum. This is without exception. If you attempt to race to 100 posts by bumping or tagging posts in order to speed through the process we will suspend your account. This is very obvious and we have seen it before. In fact, nothing you do has not be seen over the last 15+ years of operating the site, so please don't insult us or embarrass yourself by trying.

Otherwise, enjoy and thank you,

Sniper's Hide
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