SH ELR Trip - Dallas/Fort Worth - Hawks Double Mountain Ranch


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Jun 15, 2013
Fort Worth, TX
Hey guys, it’s time to get the 375CT dirty.

I found this place 4 hours from DFW and thought it could be a fun trip to get a few DFW guys together to head down there.

Packages – Hawks Double Mountain Ranch

I still need to call over there to get some details, make sure there aren’t caliber restrictions, etc.

For now, I’m gauging interest so post here if your up for going and I’ll reach out to you guys to coordinate.

My main focus will be on 2500+ yards so I’ll need a good spotter (I have the glass) but don’t let that deter you if you don’t have a rifle that will reach out that far. I’m more than willing to help you guys get on steel closer in and let you guys shoot my rifle. But if you have a dedicated ELR, ever better.

Thanks and let me know.

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Mar 27, 2019
NOVA sorry to say
Took a class there a couple years ago. Class wasn’t much to talk about, but they had targets out to 3000+ yards. The facility was awesome, and the people that work there even better. Place is 40 square MILES. County I live in is 26 sq miles. Pretty mind boggling.


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Mar 31, 2020
Snyder, Texas
HDMR is 30 mins from our Texas property just east of Snyder Texas. My good friends, the Nixons, run the place. Don't think of it as $150 range fees per day. It's a 26k acre exotic game ranch that they are always guiding hunts on and there is lodging on site. There's a world class game lodge that's 10 yards from the shooting line. For the $150 you get all day at the place and they have targets setup from 1000y to over 3k yards. They have food, shuffleboard, billiards, AC, incredible mounts and much more in the game lodge and like I said, it's 10y from the shooting line. There's a ton of shade and nice grass to set your shooting mat on. What else can you truly do that only costs $150 for incredible experiences that last all day? It's worth it and then some. HDMR is the nicest place to shoot in Texas. The only thing that possible rivals it is the Greystone Castle and I haven't shot st that venue yet, so I can't say for sure.

On top of all this, most of the time they will get their target vision cameras out and setup, their spotting scopes out, and make sure you have clean targets and most of the targets have flashers on them. Is it more expensive than a standard range day, yes, because it's worth it.

I attached a picture from my first time out there, which was the first time I ever shot 1000y+. All I can say is the place is incredible.


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Sep 10, 2008
North TX
i would be interested. i dont know that id be shooting at the extreme distance, but i've got a couple barrels / calibers i could bring out that i need dope on and start to stretch out past 1k that could probably get pretty far out there. sounds like it would be a fun weekend all around - meet some of the others here in the area
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Jul 10, 2017
Hawks double mountain ranch is by far the absolute best place to practice , and 150.00 is a deal . just plan on shooting all day because there are a lot of targets, the clubhouse will spoil you and the guys are so helpful with anything you might need. The food is awesome and you will be comfortable. beautiful views and wild life .will do it again when the new barrels are on.

Tim in Tx