Should I be turning my neck, neck size, anneal


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Aug 12, 2008
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I looking for a little help and or direction. Trying to grain as much accuracy out of my rounds as I can. I've been reading all afternoon and evening on turning the necks, neck sizeing and annealing and I think I'm plenty confused now.

I'm reloading for my Remington .308 using Winchester brass. I have a bunch of fire formed brass for this rifle. My fired brass measures right at 1.6300 from base to datum point on the shoulder.
Would I gain anything from neck sizeing or should I just continue to FL size my brass?
If I do neck size is annealing the case going to do anything for neck tension?

What about turning the necks of the cases? I understand that Wichester brass can have pretty fucked up necks. Would I be gaining any accuracy by turning the necks?


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Oct 22, 2009
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Re: Should I be turning my neck, neck size, anneal

I suggest neck sizing. Keeps from working the brass to much and when all you do is bump the shoulder and size the neck, the case stays closer to the chamber size and will produce a more accurate round. FL size every 4-5 firings, when you anneal it.

Do not neck turn, unless you are bored. You may benefit from cleaning them up a bit, but IMO, after shooting a 6PPC, I'm sick of turning necks. If you think you have dicked up necks, I would suggest some Lapua brass before you invest in a quality neck turner and spend a bunch of time turning cheap brass.

Anneal every 4-5 rounds.


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Feb 19, 2007
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Re: Should I be turning my neck, neck size, anneal

One neck sizes to gain case life (3X) at some tiny loss in overall accuracy (0.05").

Realistically, if you have a custom chamber there might be something to gain with neck turning. With a factory chamber it would be difficult to tell any accuracy gain or loss from neck turning.


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    Re: Should I be turning my neck, neck size, anneal

    The most accurite rifles in the world all have tight chambers, and the ammo is all turned and probably annealed after every firing, if that is your goal your in the wrong place, I FL everytime, why because my ammo must be dependable, and the goal for almost every shooting comp is 1/2 moa, with the exception of BR, so why bother doing all that bullshit