SOLD Sold 17 Accuracy International AXMC Sage Green, 6.5cm, 300PRC, 300 Norma Magnum with Bolt Assemblies. Complete package.


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  • Apr 29, 2017
    Axmc in Sage green. 17 serial. Few dings and marks on forend rail and action rail from clip ons mounted on the forend and night use. PM me for more photos. It's a used rifle. But overall still really good condition.

    It comes with...

    -6.5cm 20" barrel with 300 rounds on it. Muzzle brake is NOT included.

    -Complete Factory SFP 308 bolt assembly. 67 rounds on it. Previous CM rounds were on a old LFP bolt assembly. This SFP one is essentially new with only 67 rounds on it.

    -300 PRC 27". New factory take off barrel from an AXSR. Unfired outside of AI test firing. Option for new take off ES instead of Black. Only one is going with the rifle. ES is not pictured.

    -New unused complete 300 win mag SFP bolt Assembly. SFP body and SFP shroud. Unfired outside AI testing them before shipping them out on the complete setups. 0 rounds on it since opening it out of the package.

    -300 Norma Magnum ES 27" barrel. 120 rounds of factory 230gr Norma Hybrid target ammo on it. Muzzle brake is NOT included.

    -Factory serial matching bolt body and firing pin assembly. This bolt and FP assembly is unmodified and as it came from AI. 120 rounds on it.

    -Black 308 magazine.
    -Sage 338 magazine.
    -Thumb shelf
    -MH/Hoptic Saddle blanket
    -Tab gear barrel sleeves with bolt pouches included.
    -Fat Bastard Brake is included.

    -Will ship out in a AXSR box and foam.

    This rifle is a personal rifle. It will however, ship from my Business, Mountic Outdoors to your FFL.

    $Sold. Cash, Check, venmo, zelle, wire preferred. Credit card if you must, adds 3%. Can split up payments if you need to.

    Just the extra two barrels (that have been not in stock anywhere for as long as I can remember) and SFP bolt bodies and firing pin shroud assemblies are well over 4k If you can even find them.

    I will NOT split this up. It is a complete package ready to roll. No trades. Shoot me a PM for questions.




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    Mar 11, 2020
    Willing to split? I am interested in the rifle with 300 PRC and bolt.