*** SOLD *** 4.6x30mm Hk ammo For Sale ..... Fiocchi 40gr FMJ


Cody Hooton for FL's 6th Congressional District
Feb 22, 2013
Ormond Beach, FL
I'm selling 3 lots of 1500rds of Fiocchi 40gr FMJ 4.6x30mm Hk.
4500rds total for sale 🦅 🇺🇲

*** NOTES ***
- All rounds have been stored in my townhouse at a constant 72 degrees with silica packets in their respective MTM ammo can.
- I bought a bunch of VERY TOUGH 275lb rated/double walled U-LINE boxes to ship each ammo can.
- Inside the ammo can and out will be tightly packed with foam sheet padding.

*** UPS NOTES ***
- UPS has a Flat Rate "bracket" service for packages smaller than 1728 cubic inches (these being ~1400 each) being shipped throughout the 48 CONUS
- I have to schedule a UPS truck pick, my UPS CustomerCenter/Hub is hypocritical on not accepting direct ammo packages.
- It is listing my shipping cost as an even $25.00 and the $9.99 UPS Truck pick up fee.

$750 + $35 shipping/pickup fee ... for EACH Bundle

- Payments accepted ONLY being either via USPS Postal Money Orders or PayPal Friends/Family funds (so there are no fees) with NO COMMENTS/NOTES on the PayPal transaction ..... no exceptions on the PayPal funds

- Picture below only shows one of the ammo cans / 1500rd lot