Accessories  **SOLD** Grab bag (parts & reloading)


Rod Hot
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Mar 17, 2020
Brookings, SD
$85 shipped for the whole thing. Partials below. This was well into $400+ new (which it no longer is by any stretch of the imagination..) The scales have been through the whole gauntlet of use and abuse, but last I checked they still worked. The powder throw is probably older than I am. The trigger is used a lot, but it is super smooth and consistent. Professionally reworked. The tramp and the podloc are brand new. Some of the LPK is new, and the firing pin is new. I have no idea what size the throw lever is, but it came on a HDMR I bought used. The dies are a set of Redding 260 Ackley improved seater and full length sizing die, an RCBS .308 full length sizing die, and a Hornady .308 full length sizing die.

Will split

1. Badger TRAMP Harris bipod to picatinny mount. $30 shipped
2. Factory (professionally lightened 4lb) R700 trigger with bolt release, safety and pins. $30 shipped
3. KNS Bipod lever $20 shipped
4. RCBS powder throw $20 shipped
5. RCBS large scale $30 shipped
6. RCBS small scale $25 shipped
7. Redding 260 Ackley die set $40 shipped
8. RCBS 308 sizer $20 shipped
9. Hornady 308 sizer $20 shipped
10. Random AR LPK parts and firing pin (free with purchase)
11. 3D printed throw lever (free with purchase)




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