SOLD: Schmidt Bender 5-25x56, USMC DT, H59, CCW, 0.1MRAD, Black, MTC disabled


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Jul 18, 2018
Purchased new from EuroOptic as a CCW DT scope then sent to Schmidt to have the MTC removed and USMC style DT turret installed.

Scope sat on my M40A5 for about 150 rds and on my AX for another 100. Mounted in a SPUHR @ 15in/lb.

It's in great shape, no scratches on the lenses, tracks as it should, clear distinct clicks, bright and crisp illumination.

MTC removal just means that there is no hard thud on each full mil. I had it removed because i tend to over-dial with MTC and have to backtrack. just a personal preference.

Small wear mark on the illumination knob (please see photo)

Comes with original box/manuals

I had this zeroed on my AX for 6mm Creed. as it sits, the scope still has 22.6mil of internal elevation. paired with a 20MOA base and you'll have almost 29mils of usable elevation at max power. pretty much takes care of everyone in every caliber unless you're and Extreme ELR guy, in which case you're running may more cant and a scope that offers more than 22mils of factory elevation.

Price: $SOLDshipped/insured via USPS 2-3day Priority.

NO TRADES. Please look at the photos and PM with questions.


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