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***SOLD***WTS: New AICS and AW magazines


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Apr 15, 2009
Charlotte, NC
I have the following mags left over and not going to use. I can send pics but they look like normal AI mags. All are new except for 1 of the .300wm. It was used for 2 range trips. They all have the AI stamp on the base plate.

2 AICS 5rd .308 mags - 0 left ALL SOLD

3 AICS 10rd .308 mags - 0 left ALL SOLD

3 AICS 5rd .300wm mags - 0 left ALL SOLD

5 AICS 10rd AW .308 mags - 0 left ALL SOLD

PM me any questions or what you are looking for. Prices are shipped. PP friends or family or Venmo. Checks are ok too. Post here and then send me a PM. Posted “I’ll take it” trumps PMs. Again...if you need a pic. Just ask.
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