*** SPF *** NEW 223/5.56 Brass & Bullet bundles


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Feb 22, 2013
Ormond Beach, FL
I'm selling 2 bundles of NEW 223/5.56 brass and bullets.

These have been stored in my reloading room of my townhouse (constant 72degrees) and in containers with silica packets.
Counted/sorted as seen in the photos.

Each of the bundles will be tightly packed in tough double-walled ULINE boxes (the bullets as well will be packed in plastic containers within the box).

*** UPS NOTES ***
- Being the Starline Brass is primed, it must ship ORM-D such as ammo.

- UPS has a Flat Rate "bracket" service for packages smaller than 1728 cubic inches (these being ~1400 each) being shipped throughout the 48 CONUS (minus CA & IL, due to their BS laws)
- I have to schedule a UPS truck pick, my UPS CustomerCenter/Hub is hypocritical on not accepting direct ammo packages.
- It is listing my shipping cost as an even $25.00 and the $9.99 UPS Truck pick up fee.

Each of the 2 bundles contains:
- 154 NEW/Primed pieces of Starline 5.56x45 brass (CCI #400)
- 250 NEW pieces of Nosler 223 brass
- 2754 Hornady 55gr FMJBT bullets (Two 1000 bags & one 754 bag)
- 502 Lehigh Defense 62 Controlled Choas bullets

$850 + $35 shipping/pickup fee ... for EACH Bundle

- Payments accepted ONLY being either via USPS Postal Money Orders or PayPal Friends/Family funds (so there are no fees) with NO COMMENTS/NOTES on the PayPal transaction ..... no exceptions on the PayPal funds

I won't be separating any of the 2 bundles.

2 Bundles are SPF





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You might want to check on ORM-D for Cases, Cartridge Empty with Primer. It's not regulated per special provision 50. Ground only shipping still prevails.

BTW, ORM-D goes away on 1 Jan 2021 and is replaced with "limited quantity shipment" labels.
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