SOLD Springfield TRP Operator 10mm package deal with Wilson mags, Kenai chest rig and OWB holster.


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  • Jan 15, 2005
    Gulf Coast, FL
    Selling my Springfield TRP Operator 10mm 5”. I bought this new last year and it was the last run that Springfield made. They’ve been discontinued and go for stupid money on GB.

    The gun is in very good condition overall but is not a safe queen. I carried it while hiking up in Maine and a couple national forests. It has a little bit of holster wear and some nicks on the slide but look far worse in the pics than they actually are. I’ll touch them up with permablack which will make them virtually disappear but just wanted to picture them as is to show that they’re there.

    It’s been fired about 500 rounds and is accurate as fuck with Sig 180gr FMJ as well as underwood loads. The gun is factory stock with zero modifications.

    I threw away the factory box (cut out the serial number end which will be included) but the pistol will come with the factory soft case and all paperwork/manuals as well as the 2x factory mags.

    Also included is 10x Wilson 47NX mags ($400 worth of mags) and another $400 worth of Gunfighters Inc holsters. Both are setup for the pistol with a Surefire X300U-B and both are black multicam canvas with black kydex rears. One is a simple OWB and the other is the Kenai rig with wolf grey straps and a mag holster.

    I can include a like new X300U-B 1000 lumen model for an additional $200.

    These pistols were $1800 when you could actually buy them and I’ve got another $800 worth of kit with it.

    $2050 shipped from my FFL to yours. Price is FIRM and a bargain for what you’re getting. Payment via Zelle or Certified/Cashiers checks. I may accept a discreet PayPal family and friends payment from well established members.

    I also have a good bit of 10mm ammo I could sell to the buyer as well for normal retail price since I know that’s hard to come by. I will not sell the ammo unless you are buying the gun though.

    I will consider the following trades and ONLY the following trades. If you want to trade then be fucking reasonable, if you want full MSRP for your shit (ammo excluded) and want mine at a deep discount then don’t waste your time, I’m reasonable with values and you need to be as well:

    - mid-high end USA, Japanese, or German FFP MRAD illuminated scope with a tree reticle. Something in the 3-18, 4-16/20 range preferred. The lighter and smaller the better so MK5, ATACR 4-16/20, S&B US 5-20, Eotech 5-25 to name a few.
    - Berger 6.5 Creedmoor 140gr Hybrid factory ammo. No less than a 200 round case of same lot and would take up to 400-500 rounds.
    - Sierra 130gr 6.5mm TMK’s.
    - Harris BRMS 6-9” swiveling leg notch bipod. With Hawk Hill feet and RRS top is a plus.
    - TBAC bipod
    - USA, Japanese, or European 8x42 binos. These would be a gift for the GF so they need to be like new or NIB. Leupold BX-4’s would be perfect because she loves mine.


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