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High Desert duck

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Sep 1, 2014
Nuevo Mèxico
In an effort to increase the number of participants at our local matches over this summer we have run a points race at our local club matches. It ended last week with a two day 160 round match. I would like to thank those that stepped up to help a small outlaw series grow into something awesome.

Our goal with the series was to give guys a place to compete and improve. The prize table was built to help our new and mid pack shooters. The top three positions paid cash and the prizes went to everyone else by random draw. (4th place got 4 extra tickets, 5th got 3 extra and so on. Seemed to work well and guys took stuff that would help their game vs what was expensive. If your looking to support guys who support the shooters at the grass roots level send some business these guys way.

Bulldog Firearms, Rio Rancho, New Mexico
-Athlon BTR 4.5-27

QPro Defense, Rio Rancho, New Mexico
-PRS 2 course 2day

Bring The Edge - Licensed FFL, Las Cruces, New Mexico
-100% off chamber and threading
-50% off chamber and threading

Five Star Services, Rio Rancho, New Mexico
-Prize table cash donation

Bison Tactical, Boulder, Colorado
-2 tactical udder bags

Del Norte Gun Club, Rio Rancho, New Mexico
-1 year membership

Fehu Outdoors, Laramie, Wyoming
-3 small ammo carriers

we are looking at running it again next year if your interested just shoot me a PM. We are just outside of Albuquerque
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Mar 25, 2017
Having shot this series this year, this was very well done. Great group of guys, fun but challenging courses of fire and a investment by sponsors that punched above it's weight class.
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Old Salt
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  • Jan 25, 2019
    Always good to see.

    Our local series started taking a simple $2 from every entry over the year. Sponsors are much easier to find if they're only partial, and allowed us a good sized prize table at the finale.

    All prizes were done by raffle, with the bottom 3 and top 3 getting some extra tickets.

    I won a cert I wouldn't use, and handed it to a guy in the squad that had a horrible day.

    A guy who makes bags won a cert for his own bags, handed it to my kid and told him to pick out something he liked.

    There were many people who won stuff they couldn't use and gave it away right there. Nobody was rushing to sell it online.