The BEST parade I EVER saw.... Westcliffe CO - 7-4-13...

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My company, specifically me, came out hard against Colorado at the time they were pushing their magazine ban initiative. I was mad, and I still am about that depth of foolishness. I was prepared to write off the whole lot of them afterward, as they managed to pass this nonsense into law.

I spent the week during July 4th in Colorado. What I learned and what I saw have changed my perspective, as I was taught a valuable lesson from the school of life. When we choose to boycott and essentially write off an entire state, we are putting the entirety of that huge chunk of land adrift. If you’re certain you’ve spared humanity massive loss by isolating a cancer, then that can in some cases. Unfortunately in the case of Colorado, we find that by isolating the entire state, we manage to inflict harm on everyone unilaterally. Essentially we hurt those who need our help as much or more than the political class and their supporters that truly deserve our wrath.

I met with people last week. I spent time in their living rooms visiting. I spent time in their businesses and asked the management’s stance on the 2A prior to spending money with them. I even sat that question aside and through a series of honest and short discussions managed to sway one business away from their anti gun stance that of ours – freedom and liberty. I met with sheriffs, deputies, dispatchers, city police, and activists of all kinds. The short version you ask? I was absolutely overwhelmed at what I saw. This state is comprised primarily of Second Amendment supporters. These are correct and righteous people that are organizing into something that will be a formidable opponent, to even our nation’s President. I was impressed. Big time…

So how do we manage to send a message to Colorado without hurting our brothers and sisters in the fight? Very carefully and with much thought is the answer. When you and I walk into a ‘friendly’ store anywhere in America, we know we’re on home turf. That is the easy part and very important too. First and foremost we have to send a message of alliance. Spend your time with those on your side. If you don’t know where the line in the sand is, you’re wise to ask. Seek out management or ownership and ask them “Do you completely support my right to keep and bear arms?” and pay careful attention to the answer. If you hear what you prefer, then you’ll know it right away. After all, we can spot a phony a mile away. If you don’t hear what you want, two important things must follow. First, you have to be prepared to leave or this exercise isn’t worth doing. Second, you must have prepared something short and sweet to leave with them to consider. I prefer something like “I hold my right and choice for self-defense near and dear to my heart. If your establishment cares nothing for my rights, my life, or those of my wife and daughter, that isn’t a moral or ethical stance. I won’t support your business and instead will choose to patronize one that does.” I tend to be long winded, but being snotty won’t cut it friends… You have to leave them with something to consider.
Primary changes in heart come from within, not by being given an ultimatum. The discussion I had with a small restaurant is a prime example. They put up a sign out from saying ‘no guns welcome’ on their patio. I asked my server what the scoop was. He was a young man, maybe 17 or so… I like asking questions of folks this age, as they typically hold the reflection of their parents or those of the local school system, both of which are very good to comprehend. He remarked that all his friends were upset over Obama trying to take their guns and that he didn’t think it would happen, or at least not soon. I was ready to pounce on him, but I held back the desire to show him the dozens of common place examples in the last few years that prove otherwise. I opted to plant a seed and come back to it later. I asked him if he thought any guns would be taken. He responded with a “no”. I asked him if any other president or elected official had done this. He thought for a bit, and responded that he didn’t remember it. We broke conversation and he went about his duties. Later he came back and the conversation began again. I reminded him that the American Indians had their arms taken from them and were stripped of their defense by our government. He remembered that and saw the light bulb flicker. I then reminded him that all the laws we currently have on the books from gun control were born of Jim Crow laws. The political class wanted some method to control ‘unsavory’ types and passing laws for ownership and conveyance of weapons provided individual counties, townships, and communities the ability to simply remove your rights based on color and a myriad of other bigoted and vile notions. In essence, political racists removed people’s rights and forced people to set on the back of the bus. Didn’t sound like a bad idea at the time did it? We passed those laws not to segregate people but to keep public safety intact. Didn’t pan out that way did it? Again, I saw the light bulb brighten.

At that point I came out with it straight up. “Why the sign over there?” I asked. My new friend told me the owner didn’t want somebody to get hurt with a gun in the establishment. I pointed out that when she went to the grocery store this morning that in her check-out line odds were two of the five people in line with here were carrying, yet nobody died… I let him know that if she responds with thoughtfulness to her customers they’ll receive it well. If she takes the autonomous and silly notion that guns are bad and those with them are worse, she’d not only be mistaken, but send a message of having no value for their lives. I explained to him that I truly valued our conversation and that while I had planned on staying there to have drinks, food, etc. to watch the parade I couldn’t under the circumstances. I shook his hand and asked that he please understand my position and that I wanted him and her to have a great week. I left it at that and my new friend must have had a conversation… By the time I finished my water and gathered my things to leave I saw the owner walk out, wipe off the sign, and change it to “Everyone welcome, Alcohol served, Please check your weapons.” I was so tickled… I was able to help shed some light on history, watch it resonate with a fine young man, then see the fruits of his conversation with ownership manifest itself into not only a better stance, but one of understanding. My young friend enjoyed a healthy tip, and although I probably shouldn’t have been so forward, I hugged the owner and thanked her for her thoughtfulness and fantastic new stance. As a business owner she didn’t have to do anything differently, but she did. We managed to shed some light for a couple of folks and I noticed over the next few days they were very busy, so everybody won.

The little story above morphs into the second thing we have to be cognizant of when messaging – money matters. There folks on our side that deserve our coin. There are folks that can be educated and we can watch them change. There are also folks that won’t entertain a lick of we’ve already known for years. The third category gets not a message of understanding and education from us. They get lost revenue from us. We send our message to them with our wallets.

Sam Walton was quoted for saying, “There is only one boss. The customer. And he can fire everybody in the company from the chairman on down, simply by spending his money somewhere else.” I’m asking you all to do exactly that. I’d not only like for those businesses to suffer lost revenue, but to know why they are suffering it. How you deliver that message is up to you, but it is imperative that it be conveyed. If the business owners don’t value my life and my rights, and only want my money, they’ll get none of it. It is also important you share your experiences with others. They too need to be encouraged to reconsider giving money to the same people that either don’t care for their well-being and/or give portions of what you spend to actively work against you with the anti-freedom organizations that masquerade as they anti-gun lobby. Funding our enemy cannot happen – directly or indirectly.

This helps bring me full circle. Writing off my neighbors and fellow patriots isn’t something I’m going to do. Placing the blame on the correct people and taking the fight to them is very much something we have to full grasp. The political class that pushed this abomination will see us systematically remove them from office. This can only happen with dedication and motivation, both of which are in strong supply in Colorado. I’ve seen it. I’ve enjoyed it. I’ve been taken aback by it. I’m in awe of their push and they have my support.

The parade through the little town of Westcliffe was spectacular and I mean that in every sense of the word. The various groups that gathered to march through the Independence Day parade made a long lasting and positive impression on anyone in attendance. I’m not sure how many folks there were, but I’m guessing well over 500, marched while carrying their weapons in firm and peaceful resolution to stand up and fight for their Second Amendment rights. In such a small parade, that I’ve driven from Iowa to see several times, it was breath taking. The cheers from the crowd flowed life and vigor into each of us as we fed off one another’s zeal and love for our country. I had been on the fence as to what to do about Colorado, our family home there, and the property my wife and I owned there. No longer was I concerned about such matters… We’re in it, to win it folks. One of the deputies was a bit long in the tooth, and I asked him about this parade compared to the many others. He said he’d never seen so many people there in his service to the county. He said this crowd attendance was over double the best years their community had ever seen. That message should resonate with us all. We didn’t accept having a parade canceled over foolish notions that somebody would hurt someone. We saw the community, businesses, and organizations unify over common ground. We saw an influx of support and outcry for our God given and Constitutionally protected rights from within the community and outside. We saw America at its finest.

That is something I can get behind... I support the good citizens of Colorado and will choose carefully who I give my money and spend my time with. Join them in their fight and do the same where you stand and breathe at this moment, for that is your duty as free born American.

Michael Ware - CEO - Controlled Chaos Arms

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Mar 24, 2007
Seriously thank you for posting this!!

I live in this ass crack of a state, and am looking to move A.S.A.F.P.

Your post is giving me hope for the future, big time!!!!


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Sep 4, 2012
Way out west
Really nice post OP. And the pictures were great also. Sentiment I agree with 100%. I almost got choked up...

Unfortunately, none of it means shit. We are not going to vote our way out of this, in case you have failed to noti
ce, people who think like you and I are in the minority in this country. What you need to do is get on the state of North Colorado or FRONA bandwagon.

I know that political posts are frowned upon in this establishment but since this thread was allowed, I assumed it was OK to reply.
Colorado has become California East. Try voting your way out of it. Since I live in a state that borders it and can see the inroads being made here also by the PC, LGBT and Islamists, I feel very qualified to relay my thoughts.

I didn't celebrate July 4th this year, wasn't feeling a closeness to the Country I grew up loving and served.


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Dec 12, 2012
I was really impressed with the "look" of the parade participants, my guess is, all of them (save the children) work and pay taxes! If I find myself near Westcliff, CO, I'm going to make it a point to go there if for nothing else, buy a meal and some gas. I'd rather spend my money in a town like this than anywhere else!