The Everyday Sniper Podcast: Wicked Rabbit


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  • Apr 12, 2001
    Base of the Rockies

    The Everyday Sniper Podcast: The Wicked Rabbit

    9 O Clock at Night, Denver Colorado, Marc and Frank do a podcast because we love you guys. Coming back from Iowa after a Class at Sure Shot Range. John has a great country range in the middle of a beautiful Iowa field with a great target package.

    The current conversation sorta speaks for itself; we are dropping gold nuggets with every sentence in this episode. It even surprised me how many knowledge bombs we are dropping. Dresden faired better when you consider this episode.

    Head over to Sniper's Hide, and let me know what you think. I think you'll want to talk about this episode as we pushed buttons.

    Thanks for listening, thanks for sharing, and thanks for being a part of the Everyday Sniper Podcast.