Training Courses THIS SATURDAY, $ 99 NRA pistol course in Tampa Area FL. Held by Frank Melloni of TOP SHOT


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Sep 15, 2011
When: March 30th , 10am
Where: Shoot Straight Shooting Range, Clearwater

Cost: $99

The NRA Basic Pistol Shooting Course is a perfect start for anybody looking to get into shooting. This course will help a new shooter decide which handgun would suit their needs best before having to purchase one. This course will also teach new shooters the fundamentals of proper grip, stance, sight alignment, and trigger control, leading to improved marksmanship and handling skills. Experienced shooters also have the opportunity to learn new skills, and gain awareness of any bad habits they didn't even know were there. Above all firearms safety is emphasized.
This course is a requirement for your carry permits.

**These permits are honored in several other states as well

Course will be taught By Frank Melloni of History Channel's TOP SHOT.

Frank decided to pursue a profession in teaching the skills that comprise his lifestyle. Using his time with the History Channel wisely, he seized the opportunity to trade shooting tips and tactics with some of the most talented shooters in the world and infuses what he has learned into all his courses.
Fee is only $149, which includes all materials and range fees. Full day Class! Learn on your own pistol, or borrow one with ammo for NO EXTRA CHARGE.
Class will be approximately 7 hours but may last up to 9.

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(516) 449-0839