Towanda Pa Rifle & Pistol Club Saturday, August 1, 2020 300 Yd Match results.


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Apr 7, 2014
Towanda Pa Rifle & Pistol 300 yard F- Class Bench and Prone match started sunny and almost
windless. The wind flags started moving after the second relay began. All in all it was a perfect
day to break the standing range record. (400-39X) And John Cascarino almost did!!!!!
There were 22 competitors and several spectators present for the match. The match went well
with plenty of help running things. THANKS to all for a good day. The scores indicate the degree
of intense shooter competition. The following are the results. Tony-L
1.St Place John Cascarino 400-38X $50
2. Place Jerry Frost 400-35X $30
3.Place Kyle Eddy 400-29X $20
3,Place Tony Lombardi 400-29X
4.Place George Searl 399-30X
5.Place Roger Zettlemoy 399-28X
5.Place Mark Harlost 399-28X
6.Place Adam How 399-25X
6.Place John Demmer 399-25X
7.Place Steve Stewart 399-24X
8.Place Ron Moxley 399-21X
9.Place Dave Bennett 399-19X
10.Place Clayton Merrill 398-28X
11. Place Allen Gay 397-23X
12.Place Tim O'Mara 396-25X
13.Place Don Curry 396-19X
14.Place Ron Niles 392-7X
15. Place Shawn Palmer 387-12X
16.Place Kevin McMannis 385-10X Prone
17.Place Jack Roussel 384-10X Prone
18.Place Ken Calamir 374-4X Prone
Good shooting hope to see you all again on Sunday August 30, 2020 300 Yard Shoot.