URSA NorCal - Sunday, January 16, 2022

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Mar 30, 2011
URSA NorCal - Sunday, January 16, 2022

– Clear Lake area (same as prior)

Setup will be done late Saturday or early Sunday morning by our NorCal crew. Target(s) will be in place at minimum 2000 yards. IRIS hit-indicators will be in place and be the sole control for official hits and misses. The initial target distance for NorCal is 2054 yards, all California-legal firearms and ammunition are allowed, no weight restrictions, and no fees.

The Match Director will decide how many shooters need to be signed up to move forward with this event. Unless the event is formally cancelled (as announced on this and other posting sites), assume it is going forward.

If you want to shoot this event, you MUST sign up ONLINE (see below). Registrations MUST be received no later than 6 PM the day before the event. There will be NO onsite registrations. Registration is required for all shooters, spotters, and anyone that will be on or in the general proximity of the shooting line. NO exceptions!

The URSA Official Course of Fire is at FAQ 13, near the bottom of this page on the URSA website - https://www.unlimitedrange.org/operations.html All shooter should review the course of fire prior to arriving at the venue. Substantial additional data regarding URSA events are included on the same web page.

Sign-Ups: URSA uses the online program, Zoho Forms, to capture shooter Liability Releases and Build Sheet data, and spotter/other Liability Releases – Liability Releases are signed and dated at the event. Please use the appropriate link at the top of the Activity/Event Schedule page (http://www.unlimitedrange.org/activity event schedule.html). If you have any problem with the online form, please e-mail me ASAP ([email protected]). BTW, the form asks for limited “address” info (only city, state, and ZIP), we do NOT need your street address.
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Dec 22, 2019
Looking Forward to the Match this weekend. All signed up but now I have to put my rifle back together. I was hoping to have my 33XC build done for this event but that just didn't work out... But at least I can put the old barrel back on and still get to shoot. Now it's time to get some ammo loaded and the gun back together but I've got all week.

On another note... I got a cool new item for Christmas and will be trying it out for the first time this weekend. It is a Z-Cam Ipman transmitter and I will have it attached to my Nikon Camera that I use for spotting. I will be able to share the video signal to others who would like to view it. I can share the feed with up to 4 people using the app that is available for IOS or Android devices. I've read reviews that say the Android app is a little quirky but it is what it is. So if you are coming to the event and would like try and connect to the video feed you can download and install the app needed for the feed from the links below either IOS from the App Store or for Android devices from Google Play.

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