Weatherby Mark V Arroyo


Feb 2, 2021
North Central West Virginia
Anyone have a Weatherby Mark V Arroyo? I’ve never been a Weatherby guy and I don’t know how long the Arroyo’s have been in production, I assume not very long, but I came across an Arroyo in .308 with the factory brake the other day that’s new/old stock so it’s an older generation but I think she might be a steal. Dealer has it priced at $1,259.00 and I’ve not seen one in stock anywhere online for less than $1,900. For the price I don’t think I can pass it up but the action is pretty sticky and the bolt is a little janky. Weatherby is advertising the Arroyo as a sub moa custom grade rifle without the custom rifle price tag so the fact that the action is a little rough right out of the box has me concerned about the quality throughout the rest of the rifle. Anyone have one that can share their experience on one?


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