Night Vision Which helmet mount for PVS-14?


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Dec 1, 2006
N. Florida
I have narrowed it down to the Norotos INVG or the Wilcox G24. Will mount to a Team Wendy LTP helmet. I wear glasses, so if one stands out, I'd like to hear about it.


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Feb 20, 2013
I like them both. I favor the G24 more though, because of how easy it is to adjust height on the fly, which may or may not be something you need to do from time to time with glasses.


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  • Jun 5, 2011
    Pierce County, WA
    For me it was hands down the INVG with the dual dovetail mount all attached to an Ops Core plate. I use the bungee on one side to keep it 100% stable (it's about 98% stable without it) and the silly retractable tether out of convenience.

    I HATED J-Arms and Rhino mounts, so I swore I'd get good mounts when I had my own. Having shitty mounts for NOD's is a lot like having a full size loaded pistol in a shitty nylon padded Uncle Mike's OWB holster while wearing a 1" Walmart belt. It'll "fit" on there, but it won't be comfortable or work well at all.

    I like that the INVG has basically full adj. across all planes, and that it's rock solid. It folds straight up, as opposed to back, and folds over to the side to help prevent damage. Nice. Only downside to the INVG is bulk. But it fits in the square padded cases TNVC sells their 14's in perfectly.

    I have this on Crye Airframe helmet, but were I to do a light bump helmet, like a bike helmet, I'd likely use a smaller, lighter quality mount like the Wilcox, so it depends.

    Your best bet is to call up the guys at TNVC and tell them what you want to do and ask for advice. They won't try to sell you on shit you don't need or their most expensive items. They'll get you squared away and work with you to get the right mount for your application. Just GREAT guys.