Firearms WTS Howa 1500/KRG Bravo, new, $700 shipped


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Sep 2, 2020
Nearly 2 years ago Brownells was seeing Howa BA's for ~$275 and my buddy and I each bought one... We both dropped them into Bravo's, and I built mine up into a pretty badass PRS rifle and burned out a couple barrels on it... while my buddy put a box of ammo (20 rounds) through his and put it back in the safe.

Well, I bought a new fancy rifle, and suddenly my buddy wanted to take my already tricked out Howa/Bravo off my hands, so I took his like-new one as a partial trade, and it has sat in my safe for a few months now... time to get it in the hands of someone who will actually use it.

Howa 1500 short action with a 22" Sporter profile barrel - 6mm Creedmoor
KRG Bravo for Howa 1500 FDE

EGW HD 20moa 7075 scope base rail
Gunbloke "Benchrest" trigger spring kit (adjustable from ~1lb-4lbs)
Magpul 5rd AICS
MidwayUSA Heavy Duty rifle bag

As-is it's already good to go as a light hunting rig, but with a barrel nut and Howage barrel it can easily be turned into a respectable PRS rifle or different cartridge if one wanted. My local gunsmith charged $35 to break the OEM barrel free on my first one, and everything else involved with spinning on a prefit can be done in a garage without any special tools really.
FWIW, if one wants it, I can include a 26" Crown Ridge Barrel Works MTU that still has a little life in it free (~1300 mild rounds on it, but you'll need one of their barrel nuts... my buddy had me twist on a new CRBW MTU when he bought the other one, and I reused the nut).

This will have to ship to an FFL of your choosing.

$700 Venmo or PP F&F (not looking for trades)

PM any questions.


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