SOLD WTS: Leupold Mark5 HD 5-25 and 7-35 with PR2-Mil Reticles

Killer Deal

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Aug 30, 2020
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Greetings All,

For sale are two Leupold Mark 5HDs with the PR2 Mil reticles. One is 5-25 and the other 7-35.

Both optics used and in excellent condition. Glass on both are flawless. The 5-25 has some scratches on the body related to PRS barricade use. 7-35 has some very faint blemishes on the body from light use.

The 5-25 is mounted in ARC M-Brace Rings 1.26” height. The 7-35 is mounted in an ARC M-Brace Mount 1.26” height 0 Moa.

5-25 PR2 Mil with Rings $1750 shipped & insured
7-35 PR2 Mil with Mount $1850 shipped & insured

No trades unless it’s for a ZCO 5-27 with t3x or Tangent 5-25 with jtac or g3xr fine reticle in which case I would trade both optics and pay for insured shipping (+ some cash for the TT)

PayPal f&f or buyer pays g/s fees or Venmo accepted

I am @lowlight approved if you need a character validation #KillerDeal

Edit: since I’ve been asked a few times reason I’m selling these is because I decided I want to step up to the top tier of optics in the ZCO and TT level. I have secured top 10 finishes running these optics on my rigs and are easily among the best cost to performance ratio optics on the market. I’m personally looking to squeeze every bit of performance I can out of my gear so I can push myself as far as I can go competitively.


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