Zermatt Arms Medium Action - NEW Addition To TL3, SR3 and Origin Lines

Zermatt Arms

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Jul 24, 2017
Bennet, NE
Zermatt Arms is happy to announce the addition of a medium length receiver to both our Origin line and TL3/SR3 line of actions!

Our current dealer network will have some amount of immediate availability. Contact them first and request information on their availability. ZAI will be taking orders beginning 12/27/2021 and all orders will carry a lead time similar to the current lead time within the product category.

Features and compatibility of the medium actions:
  • Same floating and interchangeable bolt head, compatible with all TL3, SR3 and Origin actions (CRF, Mechanical Ejection)
  • TL3: compatible with MDT XM magazines (300WSM / 6.5 PRC), 3.255" COAL max
  • SR3: compatible with Wyatt's Outdoor Short Action Mid Length kit, 3.235" COAL max
  • Origin: compatible with both MDT and Wyatt Outdoor products listed above
  • Bottom metals: Hawkins Precision M5 Oberndorf (SR3/Origin, 3.225" max COAL), M5 DBM (TL3/Origin, 3.255" max COAL) and Hunter DBM (TL3/SR3/Origin, 3.230" max COAL)
  • Barrel tenon:
    • TL3/SR3: same as current SHORT action tenon
    • Origin: same as all current Origin action tenons
  • TL3/SR3 Pricing: Same as TL3/SR3 LONG action
  • Origin Pricing: Same as Origin LONG action
  • Footprint: follows current Lone Peak medium length pattern
  • Some commonly used stock and chassis manufactures have information on hand for this action. Information can be provided to others upon request.

Again, check with our dealer network before placing an order with us! Dealers will have immediate availability and all individual orders placed with ZAI will carry a lead time similar to the current products.


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  • Jan 1, 2020
    This sounds great! I would like to thank Zermatt for being one of those companies that shares tenon/action prints for gunsmith's that want to do prefits.
    Some companies act like tenon prints are super top secret information and the truth is none of them are special it's just numbers. Having measured several different Origins and TL3s even going back to the earliest actions it is difficult to find more than a .0005" variation in headspace.
    These will be welcome additions to current actions!

    Thanks, Chase