Sniper’s Hide Bullet Point Tripod Stability

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Through the Scope video off of a Manfrotto Tripod and Really Right Stuff Tripod. See the movement and accuracy between the two type of tripod.

There is an excellent Thread in the Sniper’s Hide Forum regarding shooting off a tripod and recording through the scope video demonstrating the movement. There has been a lot of comparison between the less expensive Manfrotto Brand of tripods and the more Expensive Really Right Stuff Tripods.

I have recently switched from using my Manfrotto Tripods to the Really Right Stuff brand thanks to the addition of dedicated shooting accessories and support. RRS has added a section just for the tactical shooter and now sells accessories that mate directly to the rifle.

A couple points of clarifications for this video.


  • I used a Hog Saddle and RRS VYCE for the demonstration vs a direct connection RRS accessory
  • I used tripods close in weight and size – the weight rating is different but the size and weight of the tripod are similar.
  • I used a RRS Ball Head vs the Leveling Base which has shown to be even more stable when compared to a ball head
  • I did not use any external support, no slings or bags to assist stability.
  • Same rifle, ammunition and scope settings were used for both sets of trials.
  • Multiple groups were shot for each set up


Weight Rating – Does it Matter ?

It certainly depends on use, position, and target size when determining which tripod to use.

I found my accuracy was better with the Really Right Stuff set up and I know adding my leveling base to the equation can further increase my stability. This integrated unit is definitely more stable compared to a saddle.


Accuracy and Precision


Overall I had better accuracy with the Really Right Stuff set up, but still these are not my best groups I have shot off a tripod. From the standing with no secondary support it was pretty ripe for error, especially on demand with the camera rolling. But in the end, putting them all together you can see the RRS groups did stand out as more accurate.

Again, the choice is your on which system is best, I have been using the Manfrotto set up for a very long time and it has not let me down. But if you want the very best, the Really Right Stuff definitely stands out.

Cost is a huge factor for people, but when I am using a series of high end, custom rifles or my Accuracy International Systems, it’s really not that much. It maintains the accuracy potential of the shooter and system.

One factor that I did not mention was trying to 5 shots off in a minute or less. This is pretty quick, but it’s a little more realistic when you consider the use when shooting a tripod. If I took my time and made every shot perfect with both, I am sure i could have decreased my group size with both systems.

Be to check out the results from others in the Sniper’s Hide Forum Thread …. it’s pretty similar in experience to what is posted here. It definitely takes the bias out of it demonstrating the results from others.