Sniper’s Hide OXX CoffeeBoxx Review

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OXX CoffeeBoxx

I dig my coffee in the morning. Many falsely repeat the old myth that as a shooter, you should not drink coffee before shooting. Wrong… If you drink coffee everyday and then don’t, you have a problem. Try telling a smoker not to smoke because it will negatively impact their shooting. Wrong again… it makes things worse with the cravings.  The idea back in the day was to not start a habit like drinking a coffee or smoking. but instead it has morphed into no caffeine.  The truth is, you don’t want to change, doing something different is the problem, if you drink coffee, keep drinking coffee.

So the question is, how do we get fresh coffee on the range ?


Crush Proof

Spill Proof

Rust Proof

Water Resistant

Dust Resistant

Impact Resistant


The OXX CoffeeBoxx is a single cup brewer designed to be taken with you. It’s built just like a small cooler, but features a K-Cup coffeemaker inside. It’s pretty darn light at 12LBS, weighs about the same as your Ruger Precision Rifle. And is resistant to most of what you would find out in the field, minus the gun shots.  We have moved beyond the thermos, especially if you have access power. Could be the job site, could be the range, if you can plug it, you want to carry the OXX Coffeeboxx.

The unit lives up to all those features. And it comes in TactiCool Colors like Desert Tan and Spec Ops Black.

The Perfect Brew

Oxx Coffeeboxx
Oxx Coffeeboxx

I have religiously been drinking from the OXX CoffeeBoxx. It takes about 75 seconds to brew the coffee and we started out using their WorkHorse Brand Coffee. I actually moved my Nespresso maker off the coffee bar to make room for the OXX box as I wanted to see how it holds up to constant use.  Everyday starts out with a cup of joe from the Coffeeboxx.

As K-Cup coffeemakers go, the OXX very good, makes a great cup of coffee. There are two doors on the top, one front, one back. The back door is for the water reservoir and the front is for the K Cup. The CoffeeBoxx holds 2.5L of water or 84.5oz. This is put in a removable tank you fill from the faucet. Gives you about 10 cups of coffee per. Then just drop in the K Cup in the front hatch. The control panel is super easy to navigate. Turn it on, when the green lights highlight the buttons, you can select from 3 sizes.  This part is sealed to prevent any problems from water, dust, dirt, etc.

It’s takes a few seconds to heat up the water, the heating light will remain lit until ready, then switch over to the green lights. One note when traveling. The unit is rated for 1450W but trying it with a 1500W or less power inverter did not have enough juice to fire it up. I had a conversation online with another OXX Box user and we found a 2000W inverter is a better choice to tackle that initial spark for the water heater.

It comes with a 3ft retractable cord, so really it’s designed for 120 volts of house power, and never misses a step when plugged into a wall. A camper or RV will have no trouble either.

Too easy to throw the OXX CoffeeBoxx in the back of the truck and head on out with it. Especially if you have a range that has power. You’ll be every shooter’s best friend bringing an OXX Box to your local competition.  Especially on those crisp or wet mornings.

The OXX Box is rated for 1500lBS, making it crush proof. For me, I am gonna us it to stand on during Barricade Stages since the PRS put that top position over my head. This will give me the extra foot I need. Shoot a stage, have a brew, winning.

WorkHorse Coffee

Work Horse Coffee
Workhorse coffee

This was the brand of coffee provided with the unit and I have to say, it was very good. I like the 2x the caffeine version the best, but both were equally excellent. The unit works with all types of K Cups, I have run everything from StarBucks to Dunkin Donut brands and everything in-between.

OXX Coffeeboxx is marketed for guys who work outside like on a construction job site, but it’s equally at home at the range.  The portability makes it a versatile, just toss it in the truck, plug it in, fresh coffee in less than 2 minutes.  For my Brit and Aussie friends,  you even have a separate hot water spout for some tea.

Talking coffee is not a typical endeavor for Sniper’s Hide, but anyone that knows me or has been on the range with me, knows coffee is ever present.  The Oxx Coffeeboxx is icing on my cake. The Durability is vastly superior to any consumer coffeemaker out there, you’ll be much more secure carrying the Coffeeboxx over any other maker.

This is a great addition to the shooter’s gear BOXX.

Retailing for $250, you can find these online or at places like Home Depot. The OXX CoffeeBoxx, look for it at the 2017 Sniper’s Hide Cup down at Rifles Only as I will not be without my OXX CoffeeBoxx. Stop by for a brew.


• Separate on-demand hot water line

• Six external stainless steel tie-downs

• 3-ft. retractable power cord, 120V AC

• Rubberized carrying handle

• Removable drip tray

• Replaceable carbon filter

• Auto-off

• Accessories available


• Works with all single serve coffee pods

• 120V AC, 60Hz, 1450 Watts

• 11”L X 9” W X 11.5”H

• 12 Lbs empty

• 2.5L/84.5 oz water tank

For More details Visit the Oxx website