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Victor Company Titan Stock for the Ruger 10/22

Victor Co Titan Stock Ruger 1022
Victor Co Titan Stock Ruger 1022

Precision rifle shooting is expensive, from the rifles to the scopes, to the ammunition. It is a significant investment in money as well as time. That is why you see a very positive growth in .22 competitions or mini matches.

I think it is a very positive direction for the precision rifle community to gravitate towards these mini-matches. With the average range in the USA coming in at 200 yards or less. A .22 trainer is a perfect way to get in your precision rifle practice without incurring the costs associated to centerfire rifles.

The other added benefit is the youth movement. More and more we see juniors attending precision rifle matches. A .22 rifle is a perfect way to get their feet wet without over-gunning them.

Victor Company Titan Stocks

A big supporter of these .22 matches is Michael Victor of Victor Company. They make the Titan drop in stock for your off the shelf Ruger 10/22. We recently picked up a new Ruger 10/22 and dropped it in the Victor Co Titan Stock. You can see the video above.


Victor Co Titan Stock Ruger 1022

The stock is super similar to your average precision rifle stock. It features a butt hook, flush cup sling mounts and the ability to use either a Harris or Atlas style bipod by switching out the sling swivel for a short pic rail section.

My favor part of this drop in stock is the hardened aluminum bedding that secures the rifle up front but also gives you a platform to support the action in the back. Featuring a set screw that the end user adjusts to ensure the barreled action sits correctly in the stock.

Anchor Lock System

Victor Co Titan Stock Ruger 1022

This anchor lock system works and is super easy to adjust. When placing the barreled action in the stock, it makes contact with the anchor lock system. At that point, you can fine-tune the fit by turning the set screw to eliminate the play. I also like that the barrel channel is wide enough for a host of aftermarket barrels.

I could also see a home gunsmith working with this stock to bed and modify it, although I am not sure that is even necessary.

Accuracy after the Titan Stock

Victor Co Titan Stock Ruger 1022

I found the fit and feel of the rifle increased using the Titan Stock and accuracy was there using Prime Factory .22 Ammunition. All the shots in the video were at 100 yards allowing you to pick and choose your targets at will.

Practicing barricades, marksmanship, bringing up a new precision rifle shooter. The sky’s the limit on why you want to move to a .22 for practice or even competition. In fact, you can stand up your own little .22 league locally and attract more attention to precision rifle shooting in your area.

You don’t have to be a member of a league to shoot these .22 mini matches. Attendance is not dependent on your membership, only your participation. So get your feet wet first and pay your money to a league if you feel it works for you.

Features of the Victor Co Titan Stock

Victor Co Titan Stock Ruger 1022

Ultra-Rigid Engineering Grade Fiberglass Composite Resin: Offers maximum accuracy potential with almost zero flex.

Anchor Lock System: Hardened aluminum bed supports the action screw and a hardened aluminum rear shelf with an anchor lock screw to remove any play from the rear of the action. The Anchor Lock System gives the most accuracy potential from your 10/22®.

Free Float Barrel Accepts heavy barrels up to 0.920.”

Widened Magwell: Mags drop free when released.

Pistol Gripped: Puts your shooting hand at the perfect angle for proper trigger control.

Raised Cheekrest: The high comb gives better control with your optics.

Positive Texture: The pistol grip and fore-end are textured for positive manipulation in wet or dry environments.

Ambidextrous design: For right or left-handed shooters.

Quick Detach Flush Cup Sling Mounts: Standard on both sides. Attach or remove your QD sling with a push of a button.

Swivel Stud Sling Mounts included: Fits the standard sling attachment.

Optional Mini Picatinny Rail: A robust mounting solution for a flashlight, IR illuminator or QD bipod.

Available in three colors: Black, Flat Dark Earth, and OD Green.

MSRP $169.99

Adjustable Cheek Piece

An adjustable cheekpiece is also available for the Titan Stock. I found with my set up I did not need to include it, but it is there. That adjustable stock will let you use bigger scopes, taller rings, and fit the rifle better to the shooter than your standard 10/22 stock.

Sniper’s Hide Rimfire Section

Victor Co Titan Stock Ruger 1022

For years now, Sniper’s Hide has maintained a very active .22 section of the Forum.  For more information about rifles, scopes, ammunition for a rimfire rifle be sure to stop by.

Sniper’s Hide Rimfire Section

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