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Sako TRG22A1 6.5CM

I have a confession to make, I am huge Sako TRG fan and have been since the first time I picked one up. Scott Moss gun shop in Connecticut, he had a green TRG21 in 308. I picked it up, ran the bolt, pressed the trigger, bought the rifle. Since that moment I have owned two TRG21s in 308, one was purchased by a student who used it, the second has been in my possession for easily 18 years now.



TRG22A1 Video

Modern times require a modern solution, however not all changes require a complete overhaul. Sometimes the barreled actions are such solid performers they just need to be placed in a new stock or chassis. The original TRG series of rifles goes back to the 1980s, in 2018 Sako changed the line up to the new A1 Series of Sniper or Precision Rifle. The genesis of the A1 TRG comes from the Sako M10. The M10 is the military switch caliber model where the TRG Series is a fixed caliber. There is a significant price difference between the two models.

  • Action: Three-lug bolt
  • Stock: Aluminum chassis w/ Folding Stock
  • Barrel: 26 in., 1:8 twist, cold-hammer forged, Threaded 5/8-24
  • Chambering: 6.5 Creedmoor (other calibers available)
  • 30MOA Rail
  • Capacity: 10 Round
  • Weight: 12 lb.
  • Trigger: Two-stage, user-adjustable
  • Trigger pull: 2.5 – 4.5

Features at a glance

The TRG22A1 is a feature rich rifle. From the fully adjustable folding stock, to the M-Lok chassis system, it checks all the boxes for a modern sniper rifle.

Two Stage Trigger, for me, this is a must. I absolutely love a two stage trigger and the TRG trigger system is one of the best. Very reliable, fully adjustable, the TRG trigger is a set and forget type of system. You don’t want to chase your trigger. Easily adjusted with a T10 Torx, you access the trigger adjustment through the trigger guard slot.

As a marksmanship instructor, I want adjustability in the stock. Not all shooters are designed the same so we want to be able to set up the rifle like our car. Seats and Mirrors, think about the comfort level you have sitting in your car, we want that same level of comfort behind the rifle. Adjustability is key to making this happen and the TRG22A1 does not disappoint.

TR22A1 Stock

Push button adjustability, the TRG22A1 folding stock is a welcome upgrade to the old fixed style. The buttplate has lift in the rear, the LOP is easily adjusted as well as the cheek piece. The folder locks up tight but may need a little help staying locked in place. We found it’s best to tighten everything down to make sure you don’t get any wiggle in the back. This by the way was the only point of adjustment I need to make in order stay on top of rifle. It’s virtually hands free otherwise.

The Chassis System


Chassis are everywhere in 2023, but not all system are created equal. The TRG22A1 chassis system is very well put together. With a free floating handguard system and M-Lok attachment points there is very little the shooter needs to be successful. Sako provides a series of M-Lok Picatinney rails, in both longer and shorter configurations. The only accessory one might want to use in place of the pic rails could be an Arca style rail system. That is the beauty of the system, easily upgraded.

I found when shooting off props and a tripod the TRG22A1 could use a bit of help in the balance department. This not uncommon, adding a few M-Lok weights to the system would easily balance it out and make it an alternate position darling. It’s not a negative, just something that wasn’t a consideration to rifles at the time.

Accuracy above all else

Someone once said, only accurate guns are interesting. I have to agree, I am a precision rifle guy, I want precision. We have always found the Sako line of rifles extremely accurate. For new shooters our go to recommendation is the Tikka T3x. We find the Tikka is perfect mix of low price and high quality. The TRG Series is the same way just with a bit more barrel in most cases. My only comment ever regarding the Sako accuracy is in regards to muzzle velocity. While Sako rifles are extremely accurate they tend to be in the slower velocity node due to the Hammer forged barrels. With our rifle cut barrels we use, the velocity tends to be about 75-150fps faster, however this really just a number and properly paired with the right ammunition has no bearing on the results downrange.

Sako Precision TRG Ammunition

We paired the TRG22A1 with Sako Precision TRG, chambered in 6.5 Creedmoor I was super excited to see the ammunition loaded with the 136gr Scenar L. When consider a 6.5CM rifle I am fan of the 130 class of bullets. Give me a 130gr Berger or a 136gr Scenar and I’ll be your best friend. I find the 136gr L to have the same BC as the 140 class of bullet, however you get a bit of speed back I want. Using the Bullet Seeker chronograph we measured the TRG Precision Ammo to just under 2800fps.

I fully expect the barrel to potentially speed up a few feet per second. This information was recorded during initial zero and set up.

All that said, I mean, what am I expecting. This was my initial zero using the TRG22A1. I fired a 5 shot ground that impacted just below center. I made the initial adjustment and hit the orange dot. How can you not love this rifle.

At this point in the process using Weaponized Math, I doped the rifle out to distance from 100 yards to 1000 yards and could not be happier with the results. This rifle is a laser beam when paired with the TRG Precision Ammo.

In the field with the rifle

From .8 Mils at 300 to 8.2 at 1000, using weaponized math I marched down the range. I was so confident I decided to take a shot at the prairie dog town that is beyond 800 yards from my firing position. I settled in on a group of P-Dogs hanging out around 1000 yards away. Lasered a mount to 1010 yards, dialed on 8.4 mils and took a shot. Saw the missed, made a mental correction and sent another round, IMPACT !

I have to say, this rifle makes me look good. The pairing of rifle and ammunition makes this too easy. I also used the TRG Ammunition in a different rifle and was immediately impressed with the results.

Final Thoughts

There are so many choices when it comes to buying a precision rifle, although admittedly they are not all created equal. I look at the Sako line a premium brand. Even with the lower cost Tikka, it’s still a first class option. To many shooters struggle by trying to reinvent the wheel, Sako did the work for you in this case so let them.

We see the TRG22s and Tikkas in our classes all the time, when these rifles arrive in a new shooter’s hand we have zero concern. There are certain rifles we know, eventually we’ll put a wrench to it. The Sako rifles don’t suffer that problem. The student go home, not only happy, but what I would consider successful.

The TRG22A1 is not overly heavy for a modern precision rifle, it’s extremely accurate, the action is one of the best on the market, at some point you’re going to want to try one. That said, please don’t unless you bring cash, just be fore warned.

TRG22A1 Lowlight

Not every shooter wants to be a competition king, not every shooter is looking for a hunting rifle, to me the rifle screams utility. What do you need it to be, odds are it can handle that job, which is all we can ask. They are reliable, they are accurate, they are sexy looking.

As I said in the beginning of this article, I am fan, it’s hard to hide the fact. But being a fan is what keeps me going day after day.

Euro Optics

Sako TRG22A1

Pelican cases

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  • E
    Eric Rumpel
  • April 27, 2023
TOTALLY AGREE with what you're saying about the TRG's, my 42 has been a pet since early 2003 & have ALWAYS wanted one in 6.5 CM.
    • J
      Jed M.
    • May 5, 2023
    Know anyone/place selling a 42 in 300WM?
  • M
    Michael Powell
  • May 11, 2023
Concur with all too on the TRG platform. Currently have a TRG22 308 and run a Surefire FA762SS.
Well written @Lowlight. A 6.5CM in a TRG22, what a combination!
I was after the "Green Rifle" since I held one back in 2008. Finally was able to snag one in 2021 in 6.5cm. It had the tan stock, so I Duracoated in Sako Green. Been after the 42A1 in 338LM, but after seeing this video, maybe I'll sell my green rifle and a few watches and grab the 22A1 in 6.5cm. Tough decision, cause I do enjoy the fixed stock. But that A1 is ridiculously SEXY!
Maybe I’ll bring my 300WM TRG-42A1 to the fall course in PA… and @Lowlight / @Enough Said can show us how to handle recoil. ;)
One day I'll grab one of these fine rifles to compliment my AI. Nice write-up LowLight!!
Hear me out... (I am sure it didn't happen this way) it looks like:
- Sako makes the TRG 22 and it's a great rifle
- the guys that found KRG think so too, make a bunch of accessories
- the guys at KRG make the SOTIC... a US made TRG homage
- along comes the TRG-22A1... and damned if it doesn't look like a Sako version of the SOTIC

It would definitely be cool to see them side by side (enclosed forend on the SOTIC to match). My enthusiasm for the TRG is a big part of the reason I own a SOTIC.
That would be very interesting to see.
Colonel Townsend Whelen. One of my earliest favorite childhood gun authors, Col Whelen, is he who penned that phrase into our lexicon: "Only accurate rifles are interesting." I'm glad to see it still, perhaps more than ever, making the rounds, so I thought I'd put Col. Whelen's name back on it.