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New High End Tactical article

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As I have mentioned in the past, I am kicking off a new High End Tactical article as scopes I need for that are trickling in. The scope of what I am going to do with it changed a little, so here is the jist of it.

56mm scopes:
I have a Tangent Theta...

Thinking of ditching .40

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Just like the title says, thinking of doing a clean out of my pistols and going to all glocks, mostly 9mm and no more .40.

All this talk of “new technology” in 9mm blah blah, and not sure if .40
Is worth it. Will be doing a couple RMR setups, and...
Sportin Wood

6.5 Creedmoor

Sportin Wood
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I'm in the process of building my 6.5 Creedmoor and I have a few boxes of their 120gr AMAX factory loads, but once those are gone it to the table. I've seen a few loads on here, but they are spread out all over the place. Figured we need a spot for all...

Kayakers Help Wanted

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My girlfriend and I have been in the want for kayaks for some time now.

They will be used in small to medium lakes until we work up the confidence to get a little more advanced.

What are some good kayaks to look at for us starting out? Perhaps a...

New from germany

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Hi all,

I am a former soldier with operations from ex Yugoslavia to Afgahnistan. As a soldier I lived, loved and shot with G22 (.300) and M82 as well as AW50 ( .50). Today I go hunting and shooting for fun and to stay fit. For hunting deer, big game...

Starting a new AR10 build

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Should hopefully have everything wrapped up in the next couple weeks. Got everything ordered, just have to play the waiting game. Started with this:

Zev receiver set, Geiselle SSA-E, B5 SOPMOD (for now)...

For the new guys

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OK old timers time to step up & help out !

AZYoungGun brought up a good point on a post in the bear pit:

I'd like to call to light the fact that some of us younger guys actually take this type of stuff seriously. I mean, hey, I just got done...

Anyone have a 204 ?

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I have been reading about how the 204 ruger is very accurate, no recoil, and flat shooting.

I really want a Howa mini action and the 204 seems like a perfect fit.

The only downside I can see for the Howa is only a 20” barrel.

I have absolutely no...
Gil P.

Precision Underground rear bags?

Gil P.
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What do you all think of these? I've used a Str8laced that I put heavier fill in for a few years, I've also used a Tab gear rear bag; I really hate both of them. I want something that isn't difficult to adjust the height of, and that is stable.

Vortex customer sevice

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Just wanted to post the excellent service I received from Vortex optics.
Had a problem with my scope shifting, groups would shift.
Called Vortex up and told them the problem, didn't dismiss it, just said it's rare
and to send it in and they will check...