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    Your towing tales - CDL & non

    Buddy and I are on a long windy two lane leading up to a mountain pass, we catch up to an old Ford towing a big cattle trailer that is fully loaded. Every time he hits a bump, there is a big cloud of cow piss mist that comes off the back, so we are staying way back and laughing. About 10...
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    SOLD x2 Bartlein 5R .264 Heavy Palma Blanks 1:8 Twist

    Profile shows leftist coast, but that could be any coast these days, lol
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    Double bullet lodged - how to finish removal?

    The point of the 2nd bullet impacting the base of the first would definitely create some serious friction. I would go the Kroil-heat and repeat option a few times. If both rounds were unpowered, the barrel is likely undamaged ( at least from the bullets)
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    SOLD Various 6.5 Creed and 260 ammo

    I will buy these if shipping is less than $20
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    Accessories SOLD: 3 Bryan Litz - Applied Ballistics Reference Books

    I will take them if they are available
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    Ammo Blazer brass 45 acp 300 pack $200.00

    Would trade for 10mm ammo
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    Ammo 210 rounds 300 BLK $330

    All pms replied, Would trade this plus cash for a Glock 10mm
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    Reloading Equipment All SPF. Primers #250, 450, 210, 215

    first in line if anyone backs out 👍
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    Reloading Equipment All SPF. Primers #250, 450, 210, 215

    All Primers SPF Continuing to clean out my reloading room In preparation for a possible move selling a few k primers 1k cci 250 mag. $140.00 1k cci 450 $140 1k Fed #210 $140 623 Fed #215 $100 shipping is $20 one box or all of them
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    Ammo 210 rounds 300 BLK $330

    Continuing to clear out gear in preparation for relocating... 210 rounds plus a few once fired, $ 330.00 shipping $20 Will Not separate selling the last of my 300 BO ammo it is a mix of sub and super sonic partial boxes are clearly marked with white tape showing the number of rounds reming...
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    Which one of you fellas let your $10k rig get stolen?

    10k 🤣🤣 regardless, glad the guy got his rifle back, and the scum bag got caught
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    S&B 5-20x50 PMII Ultra short for LR

    I have owned both scopes and if it were me, I would buy the 5-25 pm11. That said both are incredible optics and either will do a fine job.