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    AR .22/.223 Trigger

    Thanks for the info everyone. The concern I had was coming from reports of light primer strikes on the .22lr. Since he will be shooting the .22 a lot more than the .223, I wanted to verify which ones are known to work. Thanks again and I will check the triggers mentioned.
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    AR .22/.223 Trigger

    Looking to upgrade the trigger in my son's AR. I started with a complete Spikes lower and Nordic .22 upper. For those who haven't used the Nordic or want a .22 upper, these things are pretty sweet. Very reliable and pleased with the accuracy. He will be getting a .223 upper for Christmas. I...
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    Rifle Scopes S&B 3-20 PMII vs March 3-24

    Take a look at any other thread going that has March in the title. I don't own a March but the ones i have had a chance to get behind were very impressive.
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    Rifle Scopes Exciting scopes coming from Bushnell the ERS & XRS Gen II

    As good as the Actar, Razor GenII, ect, lol. Thats about as dumb as comparing it to the Athlon, which in my opinihas zero track record. What ever happened to snipershide, proven shit not just hopes for the latest and greatest.
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    Rifle Scopes Looking for opinions. What magnification for 14.5" AR?

    Have you thought about purchasing a 18-20" upper and scope? I found swapping the upper to be a better alternative than trying to switch from red dot to scope. 20" upper did much better at 200 than the 14.5".
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    Sidearms & Scatterguns Kimber 1911's

    Don't forget about Kimber's amazing "1" year warranty. The won't even stand behind the garbage they produce. Old Kimber 1911's were outstanding, and thats where the misconception that they still produce quality comes into effect.
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    Rifle Scopes What NF or Seekins to run on NF 50mm/ 700 with MTU Krieger brrl.

    What base? As long as its a one piece picatinny, lows should be fine. Seekins would be my preference.
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    Rifle Scopes Sunshade vs. ARD

    If you don't want to "Bubba" it, Liberty optics has them for like $8. They snap into the BC caps.
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    Rifle Scopes Sunshade vs. ARD

    You have some valid points Hk Dave, but I think you are way over thinking this and getting too technical. There may minimal light and resolution loss, but my 20/20 vision can't tell enough difference to say they are not worth a try. I will give it a try at dusk and see how it compares. I say...
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    Rifle Scopes Sunshade vs. ARD

    I just bought my first ARD from Scott at Liberty optics. It is the type you put into a BC flip cap. I installed it on a PST 6-24 and I have not noticed any distortion or lack of light. Most of my shooting recently has been in the evening, plenty of sunlight though. My rifle is a 20" rem 700...
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    Rifle Scopes If Santa comes early....

    I would make certain you actually want FFP, it can save you some if not. $200-250 less if you opt for SFP. Personally, I don't care for FFP, but mil/mil is the only way to go.
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    Rifle Scopes Ring height, Savage 10 PC

    Lows for sure. The Badger base is one of the taller bases. Seekins .82 low rings would be my recommendation.
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    Rifle Scopes Look out Sightron: New glass for 2013: Updated-

    Sightrons are great scopes. I have the 6-24 and 8-32. Both are extremely clear, and absolutely repeatable. Don't forget Sightron has its custom shop up and running now. They can do reticles, knobs, and parallax settings.
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    Rifle Scopes Who makes the lowest rings?

    Center of scope tube. You are correct on .840 for yours