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    More evidence of why dogs are better than people

    Dogs actually do love unconditionally... nothing else does
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    Essential, you say?

    building for the “ELITE” is essential
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    Dont Buy A Christensen Arms!!!

    Big horn prefit barrel bottom metal and stock of your choice ... headspace bed and go
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    Truck owners reliability

    I have a 2015 f350 4x4 with the 6.2 for work. It has 115k of an absolutely rough life. Off road A LOT working transmission lines. It has been a flawless truck but as stated earlier MPGS really suck
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    Civil Rights “Icon” John Lewis finally term limited

    That was DUMBASS Hank Johnson
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    Lot a Rifles safe queens forsale

    Your not dying are you?
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    Penalized for being "Too Proficient"?

    Nice shooting!
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    My first Duramax

    Nice truck!
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    How do you clean a hog skull?

    Skin simmer in salty water with dawn then power wash
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    Hog bait

    A guy I know swears by wild berry jello powder
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    Nightforce vs Kahles

    Got the k318i and love it It had an easy life so far though
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    Atlanta walk out

    That DA is in a local runoff and thinks he can ride to re-election on this
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    Groomsmen gifts?

    Bark River Bravo 1 LT
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    Man's Best Friend Thread

    This little lady is ride or die loyal
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    Milwaukee vs DeWalt?

    We use Milwaukee at work and they been great!