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    Physical Fitness Is anyone here frustrated from having fat physique like me??

    People deceive themselves about whether they are "adhering" to a keto diet. I know a guy who is 75 lbs overweight. He said he did keto for 4 months and was not losing weight. I asked what he was eating. He said meat and veg. I asked what else. He said bread and bananas. OK boys, that is...
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    Physical Fitness Is anyone here frustrated from having fat physique like me??

    No more carbs for you, fatty. Carbs spike insulin. If you are fat, that means you are insulin resistant, which in turn means your cells have a reduced number of insulin receptors. This results in one carb meal leading to at least many hours if not many days of elevated insulin levels in your...
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    Oofda! MN extreme mask non compliance

    Yeah, the Karen at Walmart told me that too and I told her to get stuffed, put stuff in my cart, checked out, and left. The Cunt at the 5.11 store said she was calling the cops and got on the phone. I finished looking at their sale items, found nothing desirable, and left. I don't know if the...
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    Oofda! MN extreme mask non compliance

    All of the mask research shows that masks are NOT helpful. And states with the strictest mask mandates have the worst Covid results. I am sick of the government asking me to do stuff that does not work.
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    Are You Fuckin Kidding Me , Da Fug

    It seems the Po Po have a recruiting problem. Maybe departments should be more picky about the applicants.
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    Gunbroker auctions

    I wonder if this nutjob does the same thing on houses for sale in a rising market - make offers, get contracts, and then back out. Maybe he should take Econ 101.
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    WTB 12 gauge slugs or 00 buck

    Hey, that's a Trump-era price! Good deal!!
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    OBITUARY: Adam Toledo was a good boy. He was an honor student and an aspiring rapper with a clean record cuz he ain't got caught yet. He was never any trouble for his parents because he always stayed out all night. And cuz he don't know who his daddy is. Only age 13, he was academically...
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    Gunbroker auctions

    Translation: "I am an asshole who uses his spare time to create hate and discontent." I don't see why a person would interfere if some guy wants to pay a high price (current market price) for primers.
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    Meant to use the taser, not the pistol, sometimes I get confused...

    Personally, I prefer not being shot by an incompetent cop (lady or not). Therefore I hope that the lady cop is convicted for her negligence because that might encourage other cops to be more cautious than the lady cop was. As for the deceased, he was a plague on society and will not be missed...
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    SOLD Found, please delete

    gunbroker dot com
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    Lol, Trump is actually going to win.

    I hear that Kamel Hair can suck the coronavirus right out of you.
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    Biden Administration Gun Control is a Health Issue

    Is Hunter's crack habit a health issue?
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    So apparently the German server thing is real. LOL someone explain how that went down

    Too late - you made your bed. Now lie in it.