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    Government malfeasance in suppressing Covid-19 treatments

    1. If you get the Covid, CDC says just stay home and don't get any treatment. But if you can't breathe and think you are going to die, go to the hospital where they will malpractice you...
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    Who is ditching their AR pistol with Brace in light of the ATF Brace-banning rumors?

    There are rumors floating around that ATF has decided internally to reverse course on braces. This may come in 2 phases (if it occurs at all): (a) All braces not specifically approved are disapproved, and the guns on which they are mounted are SBR...
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    I spent 2.5 hrs in a meeting with someone who tested positive for covid.

    She tested positive the morning after the meeting. She felt like crap and went to her doc and the rapid antigen test returned POSITIVE. That evening, about 30 hours after the meeting, I felt like crap. I heavy dosed on Vit D3, Zinc, Selenium and...
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    Have you ever met a KKK member?

    I was recently flabbergasted when FBI director Chris Wray said that the biggest threat to the United States was white supremacy. Not BLM riots. Not China. Not even fictional Russian meddling. White supremacy. So who are these white supremacists...
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    Government unions are probably going out of business.

    And that is a good thing. http://thehill.com/opinion/civil-rights/389954-public-sector-unions-anticipate-a-loss-before-the-supreme-court I never understood why government employees thought they needed a union. They get every fringe...
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    McCabe ran a criminal investigation of Sessions while Sessions was his boss.

    wtf. McCabe investigated Sessions for lack of candor. We need to de-fund the whole DOJ and FBI. And put McCabe behind bars.
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    The coming collusion bloodbath

    https://pjmedia.com/rogerlsimon/reckoning-fbi-begun/ [INDENT]From the FBI and across the intelligence agencies an astonishing number of people are going to find themselves accused, one can safely predict at this point, of some atrocious...