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    Stocks! Anyone investing right now?

    Buy stocks when everyone else is selling stocks. And buy quality companies. The rally yesterday was from the much better than expected jobs report. But what people aren’t realizing is the good jobs report was from PPP that requires employers to rehire in May. We’re just coming out of the...
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    Minox ZP5 5-25 MR4

    One left...
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    Minox ZP5 5-25 MR4

    I can’t believe this has to be said, but... $2250 each.
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    Minox ZP5 5-25 MR4

    Two like new Minox ZP5s for sale. 5-25 with MR4 reticle. These were mounted and zero'ed once. Taken to the range a few times. No real field use. $2250 shipped AND insured each (lower 48). Please post "I'll take it" in the thread if you want one. First posts in thread wins. **BOTH SOLD**...
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    50% off a Minox scope with purchase of a M18 rifle at EO

    I got two ZP5s in Dec and after spending some decent time behind them, I’m really happy with them.
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    New Sig Sauer Phoenix 200 Rifle

    My question is whether they ever make it to the US. Will simply rebranding the rifle somehow get around the export restrictions that killed the SSG? If so, why did it take them so long!
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    New Sig Sauer Phoenix 200 Rifle

    If it uses SSG mags, accurate mag is still making their 10 rounders
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    Prime Ammo Group Purchase Option is Live

    Any 6mm group buys coming?
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    Keystone Accuracy Barrel Sale

    Do they do AI prefits? That's a great price for a Krieger prefit with muzzle threads.
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    Accuracy International 223 conversion working

    @trophyhunter Can you supply small firing pins?
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    Accuracy International 223 conversion working

    Would you be willing to turn down existing large firing pins? New SFPs are about $100.
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    Cannot get 6.5 CM to feed in AI AXMC

    Look at the feed lips on that mag. They’ve clearly been fucked with.
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    Accuracy International 223 conversion working

    @trophyhunter If I want to convert a LFP AI. Can I send you my existing LFP bolt and a new small firing pin?