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    Reloading Equipment WTT 6mm 110 gr atips for 6.5mm 135 a tips

    I have 390 6.5 135gn Atips I would trade for 6mm 110gn Atips. 3 sealed boxes, one box with 10 out. Let me know if you want to do a partial trade.
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    SOLD Nightforce Ultralite 30mm rings + bubble level

    I’l take them.
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    Where to get ammo now post

    I got some and it is lot#13256/12531. Just got it today, haven't shot it yet.
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    Rifle Scopes Nightforce NX8 vs ATACR

    If your main priority is PRS or F-Class kinds of shooting, get the. 7-35 ATACR. If hunting is your main priorly, get the NX8. Both are vary good scopes, but they aren’t really in the same category. ATACR is built like a tank, and has a bigger objective, which means better FOV and less...
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    6 creedmoor fire forming - powder question

    Personally I would not do fire forming in 6 Creedmoor, the barrel life is short enough and the new brass shouldn’t be that far off from your chamber. You will need to make small adjustments once you have all of your brass fired once and you have a couple hundred rounds through the barrel, but...
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    Optics Swarovski BTX eyepeice and extras

    Interested in the magnifier if you split them up.
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    6.5 PRC barrel twist for copper

    It will depend on the bullet. Barnes 127 LRX says 1:8 or faster; Hammers range from 1:9 to 1:6.5; Warner Flatlines say minimum 1:8. A 1:7 twist would likely work for most. And there really isn't a downside for fast twist for the solids (but there might be if you are also shooting lead...
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    Unexpected Problems During PRS Match?

    Bringing 6CM ammo when I had decided to shoot my 260.
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    Bartlein Barrels Update

    Thanks for the update, greatly appreciated. Looking forward to getting more of your barrels :)
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    Load data for monolithics vs cup & core

    Depends on the bullet, but frequently copper bullets have a higher start pressure, so if you don’t have a reference I would suggest starting the beginning load a bit lower.
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    22lr twist rate advantages

    Thanks guys, good to know.
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    22lr twist rate advantages

    For those of you shooting the faster twist barrels, are you doing anything differently with the chamber than you would for a traditional twist barrel? Or are you using the same chamber that you would use for a 1:16 barrel?
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    SAC 260 Rem

    They build great rifles. Looks like you have a top-notch hunting rifle on your hands.
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    Bartlein Barrels Update

    I have 2 orders from January; when I ordered, one was estimated at 6 months, the other at 9 months. Not too long after that, I think they started estimating 12 months. I'm not complaining, just trying to get more info to let me manage my shooting. One of the orders is for a gun that my...
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    Bartlein Barrels Update

    Anyone have a general idea of what orders are getting manufactured/shipped now? Like, are they currently working on orders from last August? September?November? Just trying to get a general idea for planning.