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    FS: Dillon Dies + Anschutz Trigger Shoe

    I’ll take the Anschutz sensitive trigger blade
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    WTB diopter sights for CZ 452

    Is it 11 mm or 16 mm dovetail?
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    WTS - Sako Quad Range stock

    Is it really for sale? I posted “I’ll take it” ten days ago and NO response from the sand dog!!!!!
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    WTB Sako p94s range barrel

    Looking for original Sako p94s Finnfire Range barrel. I know many of you install match custom barrels. If you don’t need the original, offer it to me! PS. Don’t offer me any other barrel from p94s, except the Range model. I’ll recognize it, easily! Thank you!
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    WTS - Sako Quad Range stock

    I’ll take it per our PM’s
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    Walter GSP .22 lr

    Reduced to $850
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    SOLD WTB: SAKO TRG-22 in 6.5 Creedmoor

    Yes, I do. Tried the Atlas and didn’t like it. The center of gravity is too high( Atlas). Atlas cant axis too far away from barrel center.
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    WTS Vectronix PLRF 10

    Price drop $3500
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    PGM (French sniper) rifles?

    PGM Ludis
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    PGM (French sniper) rifles?

    Totally agree Theis. PTG standard back then: -fast changing barrel -fully adjustable modular folding stock -barrel cooling sleeve As you said, they did not improve despite their product was cutting edge decades ago.
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    PGM (French sniper) rifles?

    I’m very curious about any SH members who really experienced shooting PGM sniper rifles. If there are any, please share your experience! I made an attempt to purchase the rifle on the second photo 11 years ago, but the price was insane. So this bug is still in my head, how good are these rifles...
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    Sako TRG 22 .308 W Folder gen i

    So many good rifles, not so many marksmen! Shoot it, or sell it ! And buy ammo to shoot.