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    Nightforce ATACR 4-16x42 vs 4-16x50

    Not misleading anyone. Have them both and speak from experience with both. There is more to mounting a scope than ring height. Turret housing will interfere with anything lower than .856" on these with a full pic rail.
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    RRS scope mount

    No experience with spur or MPA, but the RRS is top notch. Really like them for comp guns. They are the sleekest looking and no sharp edges, blend well on the gun. Hawkins makes a really solid 1-piece as well
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    6GT Project/Range Report

    Did Alpha work with you at all? Refund? I think mine is soft as well.
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    Nightforce ATACR 4-16x42 vs 4-16x50

    These scopes are identical. Both require the same height rings. I preferred the x42's turret design and overall smaller profile for hunting rigs. The 42's parallax seemed slightly less finicky than the larger objective 50 as well.. I'd pick the turret you prefer and roll.
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    Give Doug at cameraland a call.. they have them for $799 I believe
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    New action advice

    Lone Peak, no question since they are local for you. Mike and Brian are great and do alot of shooting themselves. I love my Fuzions. 2nd choice would be impact.. solid guys behind that company as well. BAT TR is a good option as well if you want to go against the grain a bit.
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    NX8 and ATACR

    Have them both. The ATACR is better on all fronts except for size and weight (and cost I guess). If diopter is setup correctly, neither is "finicky" in my experience. DOF is shallower on NX8, my understanding is that's a product of 8x erector design. NX8 has hashes like NXS line and not...
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    Foundation Stocks

    Hawkins BM is great. They fit the stock perfectly
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    best bolt action .223 at any price

    Determine your requirements for the rifle and its use case and start collecting parts. Send those parts to a competent gunsmith. .223 Ackley but you get the idea. Mine's a truck gun setup to be suppressed all the time with 16" barrel and manners compact stock so my kids can comfortably shoot...
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    Curtis Custom .22LR conversion!!

    Yes, but did Chase say which year? That's a key detail in my experience with Curtis..
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    Straight Contour for Match Rifle

    I typically practice with a 338 ultra and 28" HV, so the 1.25 straight would have a similar balance point as the practice rifle with suppressor. (Or that's the goal at least)
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    Straight Contour for Match Rifle

    Nah, I'm trying to get up to 35 pounds... .308 so I can shoot tac class and get a trophy for placing 60th at most matches. #needtostayrelevant #roadto300 #everyonegetsatrophy
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    Straight Contour for Match Rifle

    Yep.. exactly what I was thinking.
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    Straight Contour for Match Rifle

    Anyone running a straight (1.25x1.25) contour on their comp rifles? Good, bad, other? I think I'll give one a try but curious if others have an opinion. Currently use HV contour.