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    Reloading Equipment Close

    I'll take the 55 blitzkings per our PMs.
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    Reloading Equipment South Carolina Buy/Sell/Trade thread

    Looking to trade some of my extra components. What i have: Varget: 11-1#ers and 1- 8#er H4350: 1- 8#er Staball 6.5; 1- 8#er minus about 150 6 br loaded from it RL26: 11- 1#ers AR Comp: 1- 1#er RL17: 3.5- 1#er Factory pointed 105 JLKs same lot Sierra 110 smk 6mm Sierra 107 smk 6mm 115 dtac...
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    Night Vision FS: Nvision Halo LR

    PMs replied to. Still available.
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    Reloading Equipment All sold

    Ill take the 80 amax
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    Night Vision FS: Nvision Halo LR

    Still available
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    SOLD *Sold* New Hornady 300 prc brass

    Ill take the other.
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    Reloading Equipment SOLD.Hornady 6.5 creedmoor brass

    Ill take it all or whats left if it is prc brass.
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    Night Vision FS: Nvision Halo LR

    All PMs replied to. Back up for sale again.
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    The new 33XC & 37XC cartridges designed by David Tubb

    Yea, thought the 8.5 was probably too fast. Got too good of a deal on it to pass though. It is a 36" blank and i planned on finishing it pretty long, so it sounds like i might want to start sourcing some solids.