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    Motivational pic thread for @shooter65 use only

    If you want to transcribe the internet to this site please do it here and leave the regular thread to the regular users.
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    Taurus are sex toys in Florida??

    A man is in jail charged with killing his girlfriend after their bedroom foreplay, involving a loaded gun, went horrifically wrong. Paloma Williams, 24, was blasted in the chest during deadly foreplay with her new lover Andrew Shinault, 23...
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    Can I get real food in California??

    Was looking for eating places near where we are staying in Santa Ana. This is a description from one of the closest: [I] Living organisms are comprised of six elements of compounds to be considered a living breathing, functional organism. Based on the...
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    Need some hire car help...

    Looking to hire a car from LAX in early February coming. I need to fit four adults and two kids (8 and 11) plus baggage. Will be using it for about a week around LA then a few days in Vegas before swapping to a smaller vehicle for just the two of us. I...
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    SEA-TAC aircraft hijack / theft?

    https://chicago.suntimes.com/news/aircraft-hijacked-near-seattle-crashes-after-wild-chase/ Plane stolen by ‘suicidal’ employee crashes near Seattle...
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    Add one word to a TV show title....

    Examples: Saved by the Taco Bell. Inappropriately Touched By An Angel. Leave it to my Beaver.
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    Happy New Year All!!!

    Only one hour left of the old one down here. Best wishes to all.