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    Accessories B5 SOPMOD Enhanced FDE - $80!

    Finally got a chance to try this out at the range today. Feels great, I love how simple and streamlined it looks/feels compared to my MagPul STR, but this thing is a beard hair pulling son of a bitch (I had 7-8 hairs slowly pulled out by it while shooting, LOL), so I’m sticking with the STR. My...
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    Accessories FN/Winchester M70 factory TBM bottom metal

    Short, but SPF to Waorani. Thanks!
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    Accessories FN/Winchester M70 factory TBM bottom metal

    Brand new in the wrapper, no action screws (should use your existing ones, I believe) or mags. Looking for $80 shipped. Thanks!
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    Rifle Scopes Burris XTR 3 vs Bushy XRS 2

    I’ve said (jokingly, or so I thought) many times that the XTRIII wil be eclipsed by the competition’s next gen model before the illumination gets figured out. If there’s any truth to it being put off until 2022, I may just be right! I’d really like to try one, but the SCR is too thin for me...
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    Are the FN SPR enthusiasts extinct?

    Oof. I’m a big 2-stage guy, but have been holding off buying one of the CGs because a) funds, and b) I can’t find enough about how well they hold up. Maybe I waited too long... :confused:
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    Super Sniper scope?

    That’s a Super Sniper for sure, their part numbers all start with SS followed by the type of scope (10x42, 6x42, etc.). Probably an early model as pointed out.
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    SOLD *SOLD!* Vortex Razor AMG UH-1 Gen1

    The reticle is very similar to an EOTech, w/ a 1MOA dot. However, this sold earlier this evening. Thanks!
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    SOLD *SOLD!* Vortex Razor AMG UH-1 Gen1

    Price drop, OBO!
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    SOLD *SOLD!* Vortex Razor AMG UH-1 Gen1

    *SOLD!* It is with some hesitation that I list this as they’re amazeballs optics for the price, but I got a good deal on an M4S, so something’s gotta give! Up for sale in an excellent condition Gen1 Huey. Glass is clear, reticle is clear (even better with a magnifier!), and it’s clean in...
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    PX Questions on Repeat

    It would appear that if you can post a thread in the PX, you meet a criteria of some form and are allowed to post. If you can’t, you need to upgrade to Site Supporter. I’ll find out shortly as I have something to list, and have been an Online Training member for some time, so maybe I got...
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    PX Questions on Repeat

    Wow, not sure how that one slipped passed me, even on a forum search. Guess I’d better up my reading on the LL directives as well! Thanks!
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    PX Questions on Repeat

    Wait, WTH? I haven’t been as active the last few months, but I’ve still checked in. It’s been longer since I tried to access the Online Training section. I’m still getting billed each month, but now the training section shows no posts in the forum...
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    PX Questions on Repeat

    Stupid question probably, but hey, I’m that guy today: I assume being an Online Training member is still considered a site supporter and this grants PX access, correct?
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    Dirty Diane Feinstein at it again

    Fixed it for you there, Frank. ;)