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    Is it worth keeping a 308 around?

    Interdasting. Yeah, a bit low on the BC side compared to other offerings, but still better than a 175 as you note. I’d better track some down and give it a try to see if my rifle likes it. Still, my .308 is a chrome-lined FN SPR, so it will likely remain a .308 for many years to come, hahaha.
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    Is it worth keeping a 308 around?

    Is the AG stuff that accurate, though? I’ll admit I haven’t looked into it much, as it seemed like a cheap plinking load compared to other loads on the market.
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    ANTIFA Tweet this afternoon

    Apparently every department in the Greater Phoenix area (Phoenix, Scottadale, Chandler, Gilbert, Mesa, Tempe, and so on and so forth) was called in at 1600 today, so they’re taking it pretty seriously here. We also have a 2000-0500 curfew for the next week throughout AZ. I just cycled through...
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    Is it worth keeping a 308 around?

    Aside from nostalgia and it’s training value, I shoot .308 more because of how cheap factory ammo is. If you’re patient, you can find 175gr FGMM for 85-90¢/round. The next closest equivalent in 6.5CM is something like $1.20-1.25. That’s a 30-35¢ savings with every trigger pull, meaning I get 30%...
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    Is it worth keeping a 308 around?

    Huh. Better not tell that to all the guys who still employ those calibers quite effectively every year taking game. They may not be top dog in competition circles, but they still work just fine in the field. The world doesn’t revolve around the PRS/NRL. It’s all about choosing what works to...
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    ANTIFA now considered terrorist org

    Yes, they were, by an oppressive and tyrannical monarchy. While I disagree with a lot of what our .gov is doing lately, I have to agree that labeling ANTIFA and acting accordingly is the right thing to do here. And your comment won’t go the way you may have thought it would...
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    Is it worth keeping a 308 around?

    Indian, not the arrow.
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    10/22 manners or bravo....any word

    “Force” you. I like that. :ROFLMAO: I’ll have two spare trigger groups here shortly, I guess those will “force” me to build two more rifles as well, right?:ROFLMAO:
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    10/22 manners or bravo....any word

    KRG mentioned “late summer” on their Instagram account three weeks ago for the Bravo 10/22. I need one as well!
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    308 Win wear and tear after 5k rounds

    But how does it shoot? That’s the important part!
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    Scope batteries. 2025 v 2032?

    I’m not sure why you’d want to use the 2025, honestly. They’re lower capacity, and a PITA to find right now (at least in my AO) for some reason. Everybody and their dog is flush with 2032 and 2016s, but everybody’s out of stock on the 2025. Why do I know this? Because the keyless remote on my...
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    Is it still a .22 "trainer"?

    No, they test several lots of several of their offerings in your barreled action, then send you the results. You choose which loading/lot number you want, they then tell you who has it, you order it (at a decent price too, from what I hear). Boom, they just hand selected the best ammo for your BA.
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    Is it worth keeping a 308 around?

    We’re already discussing this in the thread below: Talk me out of a .308
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    WTB KRG Arca spigot

    I’ve got one, drop me a PM if anyone’s interested. Edit: And it’s sold! Thanks!
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    JP Target pad, KRG Arca Spigot, Seekins 30mm rings, red dots, mounts, Glock 9mm mags, etc.

    Bump! Need to add a few photos still, but added a ton of stuff!