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    2021 Tikka Super Varmint?

    All the changes are cosmetic only, action, barrel, magazine and trigger are all the same as T3s of old. It should preform the same as any other Tikka, very well.
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    Canada... why hasn't the govt been overthrown?

    The lack of fight must be a British thing, seems like most of the Commonwealth countries seem happy to roll over when the going gets tough, maybe Australians are the only exception, even then they are trending towards wokeness. Americans like to point out it's their constitution that saves them...
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    Rifle Scopes New Minox 5x25x56 LR

    What the FOV on the LR like compared the the Razor?
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    Quit reloading altogether?

    I'm on the 5th firing of my Lapua 6.5CM brass, never annealed, never trimmed. Tumble the case in rice to clean them. Use a single stage Lee press, Redding bushing dies and Charge Master. Shoots .25-.5moa as far as I've shot for groups. Using good components and good (enough) equipment you can...
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    Lightest scope with Christmas tree reticle?

    Leupold Mark 5hd orMark 5 is probably the lightestbut doesn't adjust parallax low enough. The Vortex PST G2 is fairly lightweight and will parallax to 20yards, or 25yards depending on model. If you can find a Gen 1 PST with the EBR 2c reticle they are very lightweight but not sure parallax...
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    NRL hunter caliber

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    Rifle Scopes New Minox 5x25x56 LR

    I'm not US based, the price difference between the ZP5 and LR is more like a 20% difference rather than your 50%. I guess at that difference the ZP5 is probably worth $500 more. How much worse is the CA in the LR?
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    Rifle Scopes Lightweight Rings/Mount for Hunting Rifle (Nightforce, Spuhr, Hawkins)

    For proper lightweight rings I found the Talley ring/base combined rings to be excellent, held zero well and weighed less than 60grams for the pair. Otherwise I like the NF Ultra lite rings also.
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    Reticle out of focus when illuminated

    No optical elements are moving when turning on/off illumination, so the scope isn't optically/mechanically out of focus. The issue is the additional lighting causes your eye to not be ae to focus correctly and is often why adding illumination doesn't necessarily help a thin reticle in low...
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    2021 T3x SUPER VARMINT

    Tikka have offered the Super Varmint for years, this new models is just tarted up a bit with Cerakote, a green stock and is factory threaded. Price has traditionally been a few hundred less than the CTR. Biggest question would be what clambering Beretta imports as traditionally the USA market...
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    Switch barrel addiction. Do I have a problem?

    I've been torquing them to 40NM (about 29ft/lb) with action in the stock. I think you could get away with less torque and torque wrench probably isn't necessary. As it's been early days I've always torqued the barrels up but will likely try it without it. I had 17mm flats machined into 2 CTR...
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    Switch barrel addiction. Do I have a problem?

    I've just had flats machined into two Tikka barrels. Thus far the barrels RTZ very repeatedly, been meaning to write a post but not got around to it yet.
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    34mm Ring Height for 56mm Objective Scope?

    If you have adjustable cheek risers go for the 1.125" if not 1" should be fine. I use both and find 1" just barely has enough room for scope caps and/or covers, a super heavy barrel would likely be an issue with 1" high rings and scope caps.
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    Rifle Scopes Vortex vs Nightforce

    No and thats the bulk of the conspiracy. Big Government and Big Optic companies have consipered against us to force us to buy cheap scopes not made in the US. It's part of some bigger plan I tell you. I'm certain that Vortex purposefully makes dud scopes so you have to send them back to them...
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    Rifle Scopes March 4.5-28x52 High Master Review and Comparison to Tangent Theta 5-25x56

    How often do you change barrels? I guess if it were a daily occurrence the TT would be worth it, or doing it in the field. Otherwise rezoning the March isn't the end of the world. You've made a pretty compelling case for the March as a do it all high end scope, certainly something not many...