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    Sig customer service

    my 3000 took a fall off the tripod on my hunt in NM a couple weeks ago. The lens has a ding in it now. I'm planning on sending them back at the end of the month. Glad they are taking care of things!
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    NF NXS in 2021? (C434)

    I agree with Friday. The nxs is a good scope, but for the same money, you'd be ahead by going with the nx8 4-32. I believe they also make the nx8 in second focal plane.
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    CHPWS RMR plates are JUNK and their customer service is just as bad

    Maybe they are taking notes from threads like this and trying to address their issues. Glad yours came out well.
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    New from NE MS

    I'm in Corinth as well. I'll shoot you a PM.
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    New from NE MS

    Where at in North MS?
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    22lr bc value

    very good info. Thank you.
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    22lr bc value

    I'm using Ballistic AE, along with their published BC and trueing the velocity at roughly 100yds. So far, the output has been very good inside 200. It's when I get past there, that the app and impacts are nowhere close to being the same. Is that potentially due to a large reduction in BC at...
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    Rifle Scopes Loss of Love for Leupold. What Next?

    Have you not seen the multitude of threads addressing tracking issues with Leupold? Sign of the times I guess..
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    Rifle Scopes Loss of Love for Leupold. What Next?

    I hate to hear you missed your good bull, sucks... For alternative scopes, the nx8 4-32 is a great scope. It just replaced my longstanding Bushnell LRHSi 4.5-18x44, which was as good of a scope as you could ask for as far as I'm concerned, I just wanted a little more umph on the top end. I see...
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    Smarter Every Day and a very early rifled barrel

    Good stuff. Thanks for posting, I have not seen his channel before.
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    300 PRC stupid question

    I'm not sure what 'style' of long range shooting you're doing, but if it is the standard PRS/NRL stuff, I'd come way down from the 300wm/prc realm.
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    Making "The Last Of The Mohicans

    One of my all time favorite movies. Thanks for posting.
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    Left Hand Sale SOLD!!!!!