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  1. bfoosh006

    Ar stock pad help

    Maybe attach Velcro to the stock and one of these pads ? Cut to fit , and they come in a few thicknesses... https://www.convergentdesignsolutions.com/store/c16/Cheek_Pads.html FWIW... I have used these for years... they have all been GTG I usually wrap an "ACE" bandage around them for a...
  2. bfoosh006

    AR-308 Suppressed

    What barrel length and gas port location ? ... what recoil setup ? Rifle ? Carbine ? And considering the suppressor will increase blowback pressure and gas volume, I would want the bolt to remain locked closed as long as possible as well... so I would probably increase the buffer weight and use...
  3. bfoosh006

    What’s the opinion on JL Billet hand guards?

    Be careful torquing the barrel nut... It is 7075 Aluminum. I would order a spare barrel nut , just in case. I have snapped one before... it was my fault... but... I would also check what the rail height is ? .... Would it match your Aero ?
  4. bfoosh006

    Safety Warning for Berger 77 grain OTM Tactical Factory Loaded Ammunition

    @Molon I am curious... what is the neck tension like on the remaining rounds ? Can a bullet, and when pressing its tip against a firm surface be easily moved further into the case ? I am not suggesting bullet setback is the culprit in this case... but I am curious.
  5. bfoosh006

    New Larue upper 4th July Special

    Got the e-mail today... it is waiting to be picked up by UPS for delivery to me. Order # 9741-- for those waiting in cue.
  6. bfoosh006

    BCM BFH 11.5 MCMR upper vs PSA Geissele railed 10.5 upper with FN barrel

    IMHO , both have great, durable barrels. BCM makes some great stuff. All my PSA FN barreled uppers have been great shooters as well. With surprising accuracy with ammo the FN barrel likes. I have gone from 10.5" to 11.5" , for the better dwell time and slightly better ballistics, and slightly...
  7. bfoosh006

    Does the AR upper receiver matter?

    IMHO , this as well. You bought a great barrel... buy a great respected upper. For the same reason you bought a Krieger. QC. Lower cost uppers can and do work well, but they tend to be far more hit or miss.
  8. bfoosh006

    FNH FNAR 20 Round Mags (On the search)

    Don't be surprised if your friend needs to look on E-Bay or some of the various "Gun Auction" websites.
  9. bfoosh006

    New Larue upper 4th July Special

    Lol... Not yet. No shooting results yet.
  10. bfoosh006

    AR10 FTFeed, FTE

    Always wanted a .45 Raptor... but haven't gotten there yet. Just a few suggestions, polish the front of the bolt face smooth so the feeding case head can "glide" easily across it. I would attempt to crimp a little more.... or make sure any outside lip, from trimming is gone. Make sure the...
  11. bfoosh006

    Aero M5 Receivers not lining up

    I also would think the uppers bore alignment would be bad. Or maybe better said.. how far off can it be before the stuff starts binding or wearing badly / pre-maturely ?
  12. bfoosh006

    Q Sugar Weasels Arrive Less than perfect looking

    Magazine wise... Okay Industries / Surefeed scuffs them up. All the "Mil-Spec Dry Film Lube Grey" I have bought , have been like this. The Teflon coated ones ( Tan and Black ) are far less scuffed. And FWIW...you are not the first to have commented on this... so the mags would be "normal" I...
  13. bfoosh006

    New Larue upper 4th July Special

    Is the ammo you used, some of the Swedish made Winchester ? I can't tell from the pic. And thanks for posting !
  14. bfoosh006

    Maximum gas port size?

    Have you thoroughly checked the gas key for leaks ? .140" is damned big. And you are positive ( no offense intended ) the gas port and gas block are properly aligned ?