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    KAC SR25 challenge!!!

    I for one am sick and tired of hearing everyone boast about the accuracy and performance of the KAC SR25, seriously it's an overrated LMT on a diet. From what I have observed here on the hide most of the people who preach about the SR25 accuracy...
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    Love thy Hide Member

    One of the things that I love about Snipershide is that it's a place where people can come and generally get sound advice. Me personally, I love helping other members out and sharing the knowledge that I have been given from others. I usually hang...
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    Ruger RPR Hangin With AI ????

    Hello everyone new RPR owner/shooter here.... I have a few Custom $3500+ Bolt rifles but I just couldn't resist giving the RPR a Go after what I saw last month.. I watched as two seasoned shooters, one with a broke in but bone stock GEN 2 6.5 CM with...