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    Veteran in need, not me but I'm looking for advice to help him These guys are in Virginia, but maybe they could get you in touch with somebody local to you.
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    50 Rounds at 350 Yards

    350 yards again today. I was trying some RWS Rifle Match today. The first target is 10 shots with my Anschutz before the wind picked up. The second target is 50 shots with my Vudoo. The wind had picked up and was coming straight at me from calm up to 7+ MPH. I think there is a shot or 2 that...
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    Ammo Crapshoot

    Justin, I've heard it said that there are 2 bad rounds in every box of 50. Can you determine which ones were in this box? Next test is to reassemble the rounds and shoot them. ;) Thanks for doing all the testing. :)
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    Lost motivation...

    I'm a geezer now. I shot USPSA and IDPA for years, but now I'm mostly shooting long range rimfire. There are several local to me matches where we shoot small steel targets from 25 yards out to 350 yards plus from a bench. My closest 22 PRS matches are 1.5 hours away but I'd like to go to one to...
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    Ultimate KRG Bravo upgrade

    Parts came in and installed. Pretty easy. I think I like it so far. I'll need to find something new to measure where to set the new cheek piece. I had a piece of scrap plastic that was the right thickness to set and go for the old one.
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    Gaming the NRL-22 Offhand Stages - does anyone GAF?

    If they allowed this at the Nationals, then it's legal. The MDs shouldn't be allowed to change the rules.
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    Ammo Crapshoot

    Justin, are you going to weigh some premium ammo to compare???? ;)
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    Ultimate KRG Bravo upgrade

    Thanks for posting this and doing the research. I just ordered the parts. I wonder if there is a source for the aluminum pins so you don't need to dis-assemble your old cheek rest.
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    CZ 457 10 Rd Mags

    I don't know anything about these. I just got an E-Mail ad.
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    What is the longest known .22LR shots?

    So much has changed in the last few years. :)
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    Maggie’s Funny & awesome pics, vids and memes thread (work safe, no nudity)

    Latest way to stop mirage. Wrap your barrel in wet sea weed and it keeps it from heating up and causing mirage. ;)
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    Gaming the NRL-22 Offhand Stages - does anyone GAF?

    I had to quote this because it's such a good answer. I'm a proud Gamer, but I don't cheat. Read the Rule Book. ;)
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    Covid death survey

    I had 2 friends from shooting matches that died from Covid. Both 60+ with a health issue that would not have killed them for years. I had 2 friends from shooting that had a close relative die from Covid. One was in a nursing home and the other had lung issues previously that would not have...
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    6X5 Thread V5.0 *new 1/1/21*

    I bought this rifle used from a shooting buddy. He had put the barrel on it years ago. I couldn't find much info about Hogue barrels. I think they only sold them for a short while.