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    The horrors of North Korea

    One of Joe Rogan's latest podcasts with Yeonmi Park, a NK defector, is probably the most disturbing stories I've ever heard. We have all heard the tragedy that is North Korea, but I've never heard the 1st hand accounts of someone that lived there in...

    Burt bit the dust?

    LoL, who banned BurtGummer? I was wondering how long he would make it here. He seemed to whore up/derail every thread he commented in. Very annoying feller.

    Trumps Social Media Platform- "GETTR"

    Gettr is up and live. Just started a page for the podcast. The format looks like it will be very similar to Twatter. Go check it out and start up an account and ditch the IG and Fuckbook world. www.gettr.com

    Best shit on the webz. Tranny in women's spa

    This woman had me dead as shit!!! I'm so glad she is black because a white woman would've gotten arrested in 3 minutes. She is my new spirit animal. Edit: Watch until the end. Its comedy gold.

    Bout F*ckin Time. CDC can eat shit

    https://www.newsmax.com/newsfront/pandemic-eviction-moratorium/2021/05/05/id/1020224/ So who's going to pay me the $175k we've lost due to this unconstitutional debacle since April 2020??? Who's going to pay the person who...

    Anybody have bearded dragons?

    Just picked one up for my son yesterday. They seem pretty cool when they're bigger. Anybody else have one?

    Lost the best one I've ever had.

    Our old man Bosco has finally left us. At 11 years old, he started having seizures back in October while I was in TN at Frank and Marc's course. Tonight, he had one for over an hour. Longest one by far he has ever had. His meds had obviously stopped...

    2020 Hunting Thread: Post Your Kills!

    I looked for this thread and came up with nothing so, decided to start it. Shot this one tonight with my son at 504 yards, DRT with a 140gr Berger Hybrid from the Tikka. Little man was so excited.

    Weirdest thing Ive ever found in my apartments

    I own and manage a lot of residential rental property. If you can dream it up, ive seen it in our apartments at one point or another. I could have a reality show and never have to fabricate anything. This particular tenant has lived with us for...
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    Your most convincing conspiracy theory

    So what is your favorite/most convicted/convincing theories out there that you feel there is ample proof to change the public perception? Obviously nothing that has already been proven that was once a coverup, etc. Something that is still in doubt to...
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    oooooo we! BIG suit coming to CNN

    The Covington catholic school kid is suing the Washington post and CNN for $275M. I think that amount is pretty ridiculous but I hope they win just to shove it up CNN's turd cutter. Their attorney said that HBO, Kathy Griffen, the AP, and others are...
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    Possible group buy: AIAT in XLR Envy JV fill

    Tuesday, I called XLR and talked with Matt about doing a group buy on the new XLR JV fill Envy enletted for an AI AT. He said if I got 10 people to purchase it, they would do the 10 chassis. Depending on demand for it afterwards, they would consider...
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    Missing local 3 year old boy story that smells super fishy

    So last week, local to me, there was a 3 year old boy that was under the care of his great grandmother along with his 2 siblings. They went out side the play in the yard, only the 2 oldest came back. The house is located in a wooded residential area...
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    Just got an A&D auto throw kit! Help!

    Just pulled the trigger on the whole A&D scale, auto throw, and trickler last night. Super boosted about it. Anybody got any tips on set up or operation that anyone would want to share? Easy set up? Tough? Dont see many videos on setup on YouTube...
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    Condolences to Frank G.

    For those who dont know, Frank's father passed away this morning. I cant imagine losing someone like a father on Christmas morning. If you need anything, your Hide family has your back.