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    Ever Wonder Why USPS is Going Broke?

    Why going broke? One reason is they mishandle packages. I have two orders that were handoffs from UPS, then after a week or so they send packages to incorrect small town post office, back to the big post office, and then to correct location...I hope! they aren’t here yet! What a waste of time...
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    Normal Headspace Expansion? - 300 WSM

    Sorry if I didn’t communicate well. I WAS getting signs of separation - not when I bump the shoulder. When I full length resized it was a problem. But this is why I said bump the shoulder. Hence, no problem. My brass lasts a long time now. If this were a high round count match rifle I would...
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    Normal Headspace Expansion? - 300 WSM

    What do mean by “not good”? Accuracy? dangerous? For a match rifle? Hunting rifle? For brass? This is on a 1980s Winchester model 70 with factory barrel. It is very accurate with close to max reloads and has been used to killed many deer, so it is “good” for me. In spec chamber? I really dont...
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    Normal Headspace Expansion? - 300 WSM

    On my 7 mm mag the first firing case growth is a lot! (I’m not at home so I can’t give amount) When I full length sized, after about three firings the case had a noticeable internal groove above the belt. (You an catch this with a paper clip.) As several already recommended above, after the...
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    XLR Envy and MDT poly mags - what am I doing wrong?

    Sorry, we are out of state at the daughter’s house - Their first baby! So it will be next week. It was not much material. Not even half of it. I just did a little at a time and tried it. Actually I thought it was hitting at the top and took a little material off there first. Then I noticed it...
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    XLR Envy and MDT poly mags - what am I doing wrong?

    I have an element chassis and I had to remove a little material from the top ridge on the trigger guard side. look for contact at that location.
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    Defiance tenacity vs model 7 observation

    Obvious, but I just felt the need to make an observation. I took the granddaughter to prep for deer season and we shot a model 7 260 R which has been trued and rebarreled. VERY accurate! Then we shot my 223 tenacity build. Dad gum it!! It is so smooth and cycles so much better it makes me want...
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    Toys for kids- Christmas is around the corner

    My 4 year old grandson loves LEGO!! 11-13 - girls jewelry. Boys - any good fishing in the area? Bird hunting? Otherwise no idea...
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    WTB 9mm bullets

    Just ordered some, thanks. 8 weeks wait per their website, btw.
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    Underwood 140 penetrator vs 200 hard cast recoil

    Well, in case anybody has the same question, I bought some of each and out of my G20 I didn’t notice any difference.
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    Best Hunting Boots & Light Recommendations

    Russell Moccason - expensive But made to fit you. I love them!
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    Took a step across the line to the dark side and bought a Glock 20

    I like mine. RMR with suppressor height sights. I also got a barsto barrel to stop the Glock case bulge! I carry it in a chest holster at the farm and as a backup when hog hunting. I like it for farm use since I can reach out further. I Normally carry Hornady critical duty since recoil is less...
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    Looks like I need a dog

    GSPs are great with kids. You must have a big yard and raise them from puppies. Very easy to train as well. The now 4 year old loves to boss them around.
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    Choosing the right ammo.

    I have also had great results with Barnes bullets...