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    Fuck, Michael Knowles annoys me. I listen to Shapiro and Klavan, and Matt Walsh until he gets on some religious or abortion rant and then I skip (so about half of his shows). I also like John Gibson out of Dallas. Joe Rogan’s shows are way too long, and I generally don’t care for him. My...
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    I fucking love this video.

    Captain James Tiberius Kirk.
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    18 Wheelers aint what they used to be.

    You can fit a lot of dead hookers in there...
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    I fucking love this video.

    Never saw the show, but that clip is gold.
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    Iran hit squad

    Every Iranian I’ve worked with (about a dozen over the years) has been a lying piece of shit. I don’t know what it is, but I can’t find any of the good apples from there.
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    Proud Boys - cause a riot by announcing a rally - troll level 100

    Some white geek with glasses is smashing in the windows of another white guy’s car? Wtf?
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    Trumps nomination to USSC could cost him election...thoughts?

    A female or female of color disarms the resistance and makes it more likely the pick is confirmed. All the self loathing white suburban women can’t protest and complain if the pick has a vagina between her legs, and all the race baiters can’t protest and complain if the pick is of color. The...
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    Moving 3500 pound safe?

    I’m about to move my 1800# safe again. A buddy of mine (who is Awesome!) has a set of the safe jacks, like the roll-a-longs in the first post, that he is willing to lend me again. Those jacks are a lifesaver. I use MDF to protect the floor and a prybar to get the jacks under each side of the...
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    Tell me pit dwellers, why don’t you have a boat?

    I’ll probably buy another boat next year. My old man has one I’ve been using for the past 15 seasons, but it’s getting long in the tooth and it’s time to sell it. Dad wants something bigger, I want something simpler, if it’s my money this time I’m buying what I want and he’s welcome to use it...
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    a silly thought.

    Too many people I know who are moderates say “well, the kid shouldn’t have been there” when I start a conversation about Kyle. Post Election Day Trump should exonerate Kyle of any BS charges.
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    And in New Jersey today............

    With all those normals how are those states so blue?
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    For your viewing pleasure!

    I was hoping he was going to knock out soy bitch next on the same trajectory.
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    If you got frauded, but had their address...

    Some shitheads got my mom’s credit card number a couple years back at Christmas and ordered a bunch of stuff from target that was sent to the house in AZ. They also got $500 worth of gift cards that were used at a store in Michigan. The credit card company said that was a common scam of...
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    Anyone else feeling beat down?

    This bullshit is everywhere these days. I’m also sick of it but not willing to put my livelihood on the line to make a stand. Maybe that makes me a pussy, but I’m not independently wealthy and have a mortgage to pay. I do routinely talk about guns, hiring a homeless catcher, Trump, etc in the...