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    Kestrel 5700 Elite + Kestrel HUD + Terrapin X

    I will be doing this exact thing next week on a PDog hunt in SD. Any estimates on battery life for this setup? I'm running Lithium batteries. I just installed a fresh one, and am taking lots of extras too just in case.
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    Sold Delete

    I’ll take all 2k PM sent.
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    Kestrel HUD

    I'm going to be using one on a PDog hunt the week after next with a Bushnell Nitro 1800 feeding my Kestrel the range. I've tested it the range and the system is quite responsive and should work good for a hunting application.
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    A reasonable monocular?

    I've had a Bushnell Legend Ultra HD Monocular for about years now and it is awesome! I started with the Vortex models but to me the Bushnell blows them out of the water. I use it for varmint hunting primarily, but it would serve you well for other uses. It comes with it's own pouch as well as...
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    9mm can on .22?

    I've run my Octane 45 many times as a rimfire can on my rifles. It's too big for the pistols, but works just fine on the rifles.
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    OK, Karen STFU

    Some additional reading on Karen's:
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    Bj baldwin defense shooting

    For those that may not know who Tori is that he refers to in the video, that would be Tori Nonaka formerly of Team Glock. I'm surprised she wasn't carrying, although it sounds like they got the drop on her and she may not have been able to draw...
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    Help me design a LR 22 Field course - please.

    @reubenski has a very good solution for setting up a field course. I did something similar several years back based of what another Hide member had posted up. My targets got a "J-hook" of either 3/8" or 1/4" round bar welded on the back and they go on a hanger stand that is also made of round...
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    TargetSportsUsa Prime Worth it?

    Although not as common as it was previously, Brownell's still have active discount codes. Just the other eweek I used one for $20 off of $150 to purchase a case of 9mm S&B. That amount covered 3/4 of the shipping & sales theft. typically has the most current ones. VDF = $10 off...
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    223 steel dinger

    Dependent on how far you are shooting and how fast you are pushing them all three will yield similar numbers inside of 600yds. I know the 75gr & 77gr are offerened in bulk (500) packs while the 73gr only come in boxes of 100. I can say that the 73gr will have a very different terminal result...
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    223 steel dinger

    I have a 26" 1 in 8" twist Criterion on my Remage and it has shot everything from 53/55gr VMax, 69gr SMK/NosCC, 73/75gr ELDM's, and 77gr SMK/NosCC VERY well (and fast). I could not quite get the 80gr ELDM's to fully stabilize enough to shoot great though. I am only 250ft above sea level here...
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    kestrel sportsman 5700 question?

    I may be incorrect here but I think the Profile Loader possibly predates the Kestrel Ballistics App? It is indeed odd that the 4500 is BT compatible but the 5700 series is not. Perhaps @Kestrel Ballistics could shed some light on this matter?
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    Muzzle Brake for a 308

    Sorry about the confusion. JP's website has some odd navigation (ie; hidden). The text along the top just below the picture all open different tabs. Click on "Large Profile" for the Cooley brakes.
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    Muzzle Brake for a 308

    I've run both the JP Cooley brake and the Lund SJC Titan with good success on AR-10's