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    What are NRL .22 folks using for scopes?

    Yeah I've been to matches in Iowa, Minnesota and South Dakota. Most average max of 200. But quite a few have been past that. King of point 28 went to 505 yards.
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    SOLD Vortex Defender Flip Cap O-50

    I'll take both. Pm inbound.
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    Top 20 deadliest jobs

    Haha after reading, I've worked roofing, iron work, farmer (currently), construction laborer, construction operator (currently). Still alive..
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    Top 20 deadliest jobs

    I think anyone that works with the Clinton's should be on that list..
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    What are NRL .22 folks using for scopes?

    The farm boys around here got money to burn. I see ZCO's, gen 3 razors and nightforces all the time. Lots of vortex strike eagles. Some bushnells. You can never put too nice of glass on a gun. I've got a strike eagle on my Anschutz 64. Buddy has a gen3 razor on his Annie. His girlfriend has a...
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    Break choice.

    Gen 3 fat bastard fits great on a proof competition contour barrel. Matches right up
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    Accessories Manners t4, badger rings etc.

    I'll take both 34mm ring levels and the Blackhawk stock pack. Pm inbound
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    Car Batteries -- Looking for some Hider info!

    Trickle charger on everything. I've got a battery in my daily from 2015. It was in my race car for 5-6 years and then swapped. It sat on a trickle charger for about 5 of those years. All the tractors get one, if it's a battery I put a trickle charger on it when not daily driven. Maybe I've just...
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    PRS Cartridge change advice

    The 6mm class is alittle harder to see impacts and misses at 1000+ Some projectiles will expand better and produce more splash.
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    PRS Cartridge change advice

    I vote 6 dasher. Alpha brass and hornady 108's are on the cheaper end of the spectrum and they perform well. You throw 30 grains of varget and your done.
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    5 Shot Group

    I like shooting that. It's accurate and most times you can see the grey base of the projectile as it flies down range.
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    Accessories Hawkins Rings, 10 Round Mags (Accurate, MDT)

    I'll take the dasher mag if still available. Pm inbound
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    SOLD Price Drop- UF Pro Striker HT Combat Pants New with Tag 36/34

    Per pm's I'll take these. Payment sent. Thanks
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    First bedding job

    Yeah clean it out with a drill of appropriate size. Especially if it got so much in that it's threaded bedding compound.
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    Who profited from 9/11?????

    "Who benefited from 9/11" That is a large worldwide list of people. I benefited from 9/11 I was in 9th grade metals class. Teacher stopped the class and we watched live the second tower get hit. I joined the Army shortly after high-school. Fueled by Patriotism, for a country so grand I...