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    Tikka T3 Thread

    Link or photo to show what you're talking about? if its this or the blued, then its just a different metal they use. So yes they are different but they perform the same. SS is just a little more weather resistant.
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    Tikka T3 Thread

    T3 vs T3x actions are the same metal make up T3 vs T3x, recoil lug is bigger, metal bolt shroud, different tapped wholes for a picatinny rail, better reinforced stock and recoil pad. Barrel/action is the same profile size, but it just different metal material between the blued/SS. you can...
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    Would you?

    Looking for a budget (aka cheap) spotting scope to help spot my 17hmr and 22lr groups at 100 yards and maybe targets out to 1000 yards. Found THIS website selling older Redfield Rampage 20-60. To me, even thought this is an older/budget spotting scope this is a good deal to me, but is it to...
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    Picking my first bolt action rifle

    Tikka T3x CTR 6.5 creed ~$1000 KRG Bravo ~$450 Yo dave Tigger spring ~$10 Sterk bolt handle ~$110 Best factory Rifle for around ~$1700 w/o scope. I have learned that glass is where I must spend the money so pick up a nice Leupold MK5. I would do this over and over again, and I have.
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    Is .224 Valkyrie going to die out?

    Answer me this, maybe I'm still new to shooting and just don't understand. My Tikka (1:8 twist) chambered in 223 with factory 75GR PPU Match ammo did .74 MOA @ 100. As I am slowly buying stuff for reloading hoping to get that even smaller but for "cheap" ammo did pretty good. Why cant the...
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    School me on SBR

    I really want to get the EDGE PDW, when I can find one... But I do have a few questions. My *CURRENT* understanding is that I can shoulder the brace? This will be a home defense rifle with the occasional range day trips. With the 5.5" barrel would kind of groups can I expect, 4" MOA @ 100...
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    my local sportsman’s has a vtr in 260 rem. I’m just wondering if it’s a good buy? They used to go for over $1000 now it’s on sale for $650. Or because of how the company was broken up I should just stay away.
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    Go to Remington's website and they are only showing ammo. I know Ruger acquired a portion, Vista outdoor got ammo and someone else got some? Does this mean that the name Remington will only be associated with "poor performance" (IMO) Ammo? I've always liked the Remington VTR with the triangle...
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    build me a hunting rifle (LEFTY) 6.5 creedmoor

    Defiance Rukus or Bighorn TL3 Proof research makes prefits for both and they are cut to the shoulder. Timney Elite Hunter Magpul 700 hunter or KRG bravo Leupold VX-6hd 3-18 that what I would do. and of course your bench, barrel vise, go/no go gauges, quality torq wrench.
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    NF Scopes or Leupold?

    I have a MK5 3.6-18 and for the price I paid I wouldn't trade it for anything. I really like it
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    the awesome 300 Norma

    Article from Berger and it has a 1:8 twist. Kiote has 1:10. Dang still splitting hairs. But I am leaning towards the 1:8.5. No one locally carries any of the custom actions and I’ve never played with them. So these are the ones that I know of that make a 338 boltface. ARC Mausingfield, Cadex...
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    6.5 Creedmoor vs 6.5 PRC is it worth the difference

    How does the prc stack up to the 6.5x55 Swede. I am very curious if I can use the 6.5 Swede for prs matches.
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    the awesome 300 Norma

    I need help with twist rates... I called a Pre-fit barrel company to find out some info, he and other people on this forum would say that 1/9 twist is what the Norma is optimized for. But when you go to a bullet manufactures website like Sierra and look at the 230 gr it recommends 1/8 or...
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    Difference between Ruger American Predator and Ranch?

    im lost so ill just shot my mouth.
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    If you were only going to have one caliber?

    300 Norma or 408 cheytac. I wanna try to kill 5 animals with 1 shot ;)