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    bullet pointer

    Whats the point of this?
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    ++Bighorn TL3 Builds++

    Can someone please explain the tang thicknesses on the tl3 and how one would be better than the other. looking to get one for a Magpul hunter 22cm.
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    CRF problem?

    I will be using pmags (super budget rifle and Pmags are more than 1/2 the price less) could you see an issue with these?
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    CRF problem?

    If you're single feeding a CRF (control round feed) is it prone to failure because the extractor has to go around the rim of the case instead of the case sliding up from the mag? I have not seen much talk about this and if I am going to single load most of my bench shots, would a push feed be...
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    Accessories Reno, NV Ammo

    Selling locally or close to Reno, NV. Maybe if the trade includes RCBS reloading gear I'll consider sending. 6.5 Grendel, 6mm ARC, and 300 Norma Factory ammo. I am selling them for what I bought them for. I planned on building a Grendel a few months ago and similar thing with the ARC and Norma...
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    KRG Bravo OR MDT XRS

    whats the barrel band?
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    yeh old wise ones.

    To clarify the question that I'm stumped on. Start the rifle buying/building process while I try to find the gear for reloading or just wait a bit till stuff like powders and primers come back and people aren't running to gun broker to sell it for a profit. There is no crystal ball to this end...
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    yeh old wise ones.

    Peterson both SRP and LRP 22CM brass alphamunitions both SRP and LRP 22CM brass Hornady LRP 22CM brass Copper Creek 95 SMK Ammo Unknown Munitions 95 SMK Ammo And when in a pinch, I could take a 6CM (Lapua) and turn it into 22cm.
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    yeh old wise ones.

    In the last couple of months I have fell hard for the 22CM. I would like to build one, But as it's still a semi wild cat I know that I will have to reload for the most part and that I don't have any reloading equipment. So, do I start the process of ordering the action and barrel hoping that by...
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    Suppressor vs. Muzzle Brake for PRS

    If everyone was required to use a muffler than I would too but when most people just use muzzle breaks I'll Just double up ear protection.
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    22 Creed and 95 SMK

    bullet stabilizer one of my trusty calculators. I plan on building one later this year with a 1:7 twist.
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    New 95 grain sierra .224 BC .6

    @Dustyplyr What is you jump to lands?
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    New 95 grain sierra .224 BC .6

    I like to use the search feature and add to instead of having 100,000 threads about the same things.....
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    22-250 or 22 Creedmoor

    Im new to reloading so help me out. I'm looking forward to building a 22 CM with the 95 SMK but I want to keep the speed 2700-3000fps. Can I under charge the powder, or could that cause problems?
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    New 95 grain sierra .224 BC .6

    what are your velocities and OAL?