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    YouTube Channels

    Not a YouTube per se, but Panteao does a great job making movie quality “infomercials” that play well on many platforms.
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    Rifle builders in Georgia?

    Whidden does nice work for a reasonable price. Quick turnaround.
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    338 LM Options?

    The most economical choice is a single shot with multiple bolts. A BAT M with two bolts and two barrels could be bedded into a McMillan stock for probably $4500ish. It does require a vise for barrel changes, but can be done easily in 10 minutes without removing from the stock. Based on your...
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    K-Bars Ultralight self defense blade for female runner i have one of these in my bag. It’s pretty sturdy for what it is..
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    Thinking about switching to 155 scenar

    I’ve had good luck with Lapua brass, 155’s and CFE223. Those things hit hard at 2900fps! 23” barrel.
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    RL 26 / Large Rifle Primers - what caliber for this combo?

    People have had decent luck with RL26 in 6.5 creedmoor. Probably easiest place to start.
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    Member Link Up Places to shoot near Shaw AFB SC.

    Panteao range is 600, soon to be 800yds. Good people, fair price.
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    Lapua 6.5 creedmoor LRP Brass Flash Hole Question

    The LRP has a standard flash hole.
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    Action for a 37XC

    As far as I know they are all single shot in the M size and larger. I appreciate this as magazines available for longer cartridges are limiting. For example, I shoot a .338 Lapua that the OAL is nearly 4” to have as little bullet in the case as possible. This would not feed from a magazine...
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    Action for a 37XC

    BAT Machine. They make some gigantic actions, but an M may work. McMillan inlets for them.
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    Custom Whidden Dies: experiences ordering based off reamer print vs fired brass

    I’m not sure how they calculated the correct undersize for my dies. I didn’t specify. They chambered the rifle with my reamer and the supplied print. It’s possible they measured the actual reamer. I don’t think they fired the rifle to get brass to measure. They sent the rifle back with the...
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    Custom Whidden Dies: experiences ordering based off reamer print vs fired brass

    I had some 30-338 Lapua dies made from the print. I’ve never measured anything on them but I can say they work perfectly. I’ve resized the same brass several times without excessive growth, pressure, clicks on extraction, etc. I think the Whidden customer service is better than most. Perhaps...
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    Hornady American Gunner 6.5 CM factory measurements

    have you tried this with IMR4451?
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    Free movies to stream?

    If you have Amazon Prime there's thousands of free movies included in Prime Video.
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    Need a rail plus rings for a ZCO 5 to 27. Suggestions?

    I needed a 40 MOA rail to get full range from my ZCO.